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Wedding Flowers Trends 2014 – Top 10 Mashup

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Flower Delivery – and how we charge freight

Posted on

Here at Tesselaar Flowers, we price flowers delivered. Except for very small orders where an extra delivery fee may be incurred, prices quoted are either for ‘pick up’ at our warehouse or delivered to your account address.

Many suppliers ‘add freight’ as a line on the invoice because they do not know what the cost of the freight will be until the order is packed and they know the volume of the order.

We, through our sophisticated IT system, know very accurately at the time of order the exact cost of shipping a bunch of each type of flower to every destination. These costs vary very significantly for different flower types due to differences in weight/volume. For example units in a container: a bunch of iris – 20, gladioli – 6, sweet pea – 15, oriental – 7, poppies – 20, roses – 6-20, foliages – 3-15.

flower delivery

flower delivery & freight charges explained

As can be seen from these examples just averaging out the cost of freight over the number of bunches can give very misleading costs when costing flowers into an arrangement.

We take the guesswork out of this process by calculating freight on the fly, adding this actual cost to the ‘pick up’ price and quoting the price as a delivered in store price. We do not add any margin to the cost of freight so the price you pay for the flowers is exactly the same as if you collected it from our warehouse.

Because we are able to calculate both the freight cost and the volume on the fly, we are also able to tell you, as you order, when a bucket is full and how many buckets your order is. This helps ensure efficient freight costs for everybody.

Our Fave Wedding Flowers – South East Asia Edition

Posted on

It’s September – that means wedding season is about to bloom down here in the Southern Hemisphere and it also means our famous “Top Gun” Wedding Flowers Competition opens soon!

Meanwhile, I’ve been scouring the interwebs for some “inspo” from this side of the globe – namely our friends in South East Asia.  From beautiful, luxe Phuket weddings to French inspired bouquets from Singapore, these florists know how to create some beautiful wedding flowers.

SINGAPORE – One Olive Floral Boutique

Such gorgeous blooms and so tres chic!  One Olive create some incredibly beautiful wedding flowers in their gorgeous Singapore boutique.  

one olive 3


Wedding Flowers Top 10 – 2011 Top Gun Competition

Posted on

Revisit the top 10 wedding flowers entries in the very first Tesselaar Flowers “Top Gun” Wedding Flowers Competition back in 2011. Stay tuned for the 2014 competition – coming up soon!

wedding flowers banner

Tesselaar Flowers “Top Gun” Wedding Flowers Competition has, over the course of just 3 years, become the world’s greatest wedding flowers competition. Wedding florists from all over Australia enter this friendly competition to show off their wedding flower skills. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of flower lovers and brides-to-be keenly follow along, browsing through the galleries, getting inspiration for their own weddings (and also finding the perfect wedding florist to contact and hire).

It’s been such a smash hit that we now have a team of people here at Tesselaars preparing for our 5th competition this October 2014. But before we get to the launch, let’s look back at some of the previous year’s entrants, starting with the Top 10 wedding flowers entries from the 2011 Wedding Flowers Competition, our very first competition.

2011 Wedding Flowers Competition Top 10

1. Kate Dawes Kate Dawes flower design (more…)

7 Simple Ways Wedding Flowers Can Make Your Wedding Amazing (Without Breaking the Bank)

Posted on

No doubt you’ve seen countless magazine articles and blog posts about the top 10 ways you can save money on your wedding day….and invariably wedding flowers will be at the top of that list.

And yet when it comes to inexpensive, simple ways to make your wedding unique, wedding flowers really take the cake!

wedding flowers to make your wedding amazing

I, in no way, am going to push the agenda that you have to spend ‘X’ amount of dollars or percentage of your wedding budget on flowers, but I do believe that well-arranged, well-planned floral styling is one of the most important parts of your wedding decor budget, whatever that budget may be. (more…)

Wedding Flower Trends – Blush and Gold

Posted on

The most popular of the 2014 wedding flower trends is ‘Blush and Gold’. Here’s an Australian-seasons “available ingredients” list for building lush blush and gold bridal blooms.

No doubt the advent of Pinterest and Instagram  has meant that we are flooded with gorgeous, extremely stylized weddings, including wedding flowers.  In my opinion  the most popular of the wedding flower trends for this season (has been and) will be ‘Blush and Gold’.  Think super luxe florals – tall cascading floral arrangements as centrepieces, hanging floral installations, lush wedding bouquets with touches of gold on the foliage.  A little bit old fashioned, but very girly and very pretty.  

Blush and Gold Wedding

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