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Wedding Flowers Trends 2014 – Top 10 Mashup

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7 Simple Ways Wedding Flowers Can Make Your Wedding Amazing (Without Breaking the Bank)

Posted on

No doubt you’ve seen countless magazine articles and blog posts about the top 10 ways you can save money on your wedding day….and invariably wedding flowers will be at the top of that list.

And yet when it comes to inexpensive, simple ways to make your wedding unique, wedding flowers really take the cake!

wedding flowers to make your wedding amazing

I, in no way, am going to push the agenda that you have to spend ‘X’ amount of dollars or percentage of your wedding budget on flowers, but I do believe that well-arranged, well-planned floral styling is one of the most important parts of your wedding decor budget, whatever that budget may be. (more…)

Wedding Flower Trends – Blush and Gold

Posted on

The most popular of the 2014 wedding flower trends is ‘Blush and Gold’. Here’s an Australian-seasons “available ingredients” list for building lush blush and gold bridal blooms.

No doubt the advent of Pinterest and Instagram  has meant that we are flooded with gorgeous, extremely stylized weddings, including wedding flowers.  In my opinion  the most popular of the wedding flower trends for this season (has been and) will be ‘Blush and Gold’.  Think super luxe florals – tall cascading floral arrangements as centrepieces, hanging floral installations, lush wedding bouquets with touches of gold on the foliage.  A little bit old fashioned, but very girly and very pretty.  

Blush and Gold Wedding

Flower Beards – What’s With That?

Posted on

Check out these flower beards photos by Julia-rose using Tesselaar Flowers, featuring beard by Tommy Franklin of Australia’s Got Talent fame (think “Salty Rain”).

Flower beards are apparently a thing right now. I just checked out Google Trends and search volume for the trend has gone from non-existent to “a thing” just now in July.

I am going to be honest and say that, as a mildly bearded man – I find this flower beard trend ludicrous, but then again, I thoroughly approve of all things ludicrous so what the heck – bring on the flower beards! Seriously, I can see this trend really lasting a long time!

Now, the thing is, my opinion is but one in a giant sea of opinions, meany of them way more qualified to comment on the pros and cons of the weird and wacky flower beards trend, like Julia rose for example, who has just now sent me some fun, colourful couple of pics of her latest creation which is, you guessed it, all flower beardy-goodness!

Flower beards

Flower beards – what’s with that?


Holly Hipwell – Floralizer Extraordinaire

Posted on

When you speak to Holly Hipwell – Owner and Flower Enthusiast behind The Flower Drum – you instantly feel like you’ve made a friend.  A fun, quirky, flowery friend….with awesome taste in eyeware.

Holly Hipwell - The Flower Drum

A self taught floralista – Holly is the media darling of the floral industry and with good reason.  She is hyper-creative, fun, funky and bashes out a fab blog under the moniker The Flower Drum.  She’s brought floral offerings such as the original exploding flower bomb.  How could I not want to interview her? (more…)

Are You Making These 3 Florist Website Mistakes?

Posted on

Are you making these 3 common florist website mistakes? If so, you could be turning off potential customers and losing sales.

As I’ve tip-toed through the virtual tulips over the years, I must have looked at thousands of florist websites and I very often see 3 big mistakes being made over and over again – mistakes that if you are making could be turning potential customers away.

Here’s 3 great florist websites that DON’T make these mistakes which is why I like them so much from a marketing perspective.

Mistake #1 – Information Missing or Hard To Find

North St Botanical’s website makes it easy to find out everything a customer might want to know

Florist website: North St Botanical

Florist website: North St Botanical

I have come to really appreciate websites that keep it all “above the fold” which is jargon for “what you can see on your screen without scrolling down”. This website does this well and as you can see, all of the vital info is right up front and easy to find, ie. phone number, opening hours, etc. (more…)

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