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RockStar Florists

RockStar Florists - Australia's Greatest Floral Designers

Welcome to Australia's number one floristry competition, RockStar Florists™, the free and fabulous competition that is open to all Australian florists and floral designers.

Since the competition began in 2011, response from the public and florists alike has been increasingly massive, with over 500,000 views in 2016 and enthusiastic, friendly competition every year between the many hundreds of florist who've entered.

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Note: Details below are specific to the last competition in October 2016.
We are resting the competition in 2017 and will announce future competition details in due course.

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What’s New?

Every year, the competition has evolved for the better, and in 2016, things are changing again. This year, we have:

  • renamed the competition “RockStar Florists™”,
  • opened the competition to all types of floristry (not just wedding flowers)
  • and introduced 3 “expert judges” who will play key roles in how the competition plays out.

What’s in it for you?

Well, cool prizes for starters! But win or not, our annual competition reaches a targeted online audience in-excess of 500,000 Australian brides-to-be and floral design lovers across social media, web & print publications and our own customer databases.

Tesselaars promotes, at its own expense, the competition and all its participants heavily while the competition is running and into the future.

Melanie Stapleton from Cecilia Fox
Melanie Stapleton from Cecilia Fox
Holly Hipwell
Holly Hipwell from The Flower Drum
Julia-rose from Flowers by Julia-rose

Introducing Our RockStar Competition Judges

This year we are proud to introduce three bona-fide Australian RockStar Florists to the competition as expert judges and mentors:

These industry superstars will help select our finalists and the ultimate winners. They will also then offer their valuable time and expertise to train up our lucky winners.

The way it will work is our judges will choose their finalists (9 each for a total of 27 finalists), then we will throw it over to a public vote on Facebook to select the 3 category winners – then back to the judges who will decide amongst themselves who is to be the overall winner - 2016’s RockStar Florist!

Cool new prizes!

While winning isn’t everything, let’s face it, who doesn’t love the idea of securing some sweet, sweet prize action?

First prize for each of the 3 categories this year will include a free one-on-one masterclass with one of our 3 expert competition judges, Melanie, Holly & Julia-rose - each of them genuine floral industry rock stars in their own right!


Where to from here?


Getting involved as a competitor will be easy, fun and result in a lot of targeted publicity for your personal brand. We have designed the entry process so that you don’t need a degree in computer science to enter, nor do you need a million dollar flower and photography budget!

Entries open October 1st and are open throughout October, go here to enter.

This year we have the three categories past entrants will be familiar with:

  • Flowers to Wear
  • Flowers to Carry
  • Flowers to Decorate

This year you will only need to enter one photo into each category (you can enter 1-3 photos total) – so sort through your photos, find your best work and go here to enter!

Oh, and be sure to go like our Facebook page if you haven't already because that's where a lot of the RockStar Florist action will be taking place!


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