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While I am often to be found preaching how florists need great florist websites in the new digital era, truth is this is not necessarily news to many florists!!! Many florists already have themselves fine floral websites up and working for them.

Looking through our florist website listings here on our own site, I was struck by some of the beautiful, inspired and functional websites there so I thought I would highlight ten of my favourites, in no particular order. Please note these are just my personal opinions!

florist websites - botany florist

Patterson Florist, Botany

This site appeals to me for several reasons. The first thing that I like about it is how quickly it loads while still looking stylish and pretty. The next is the ease of navigation and clarity with which they make it clear what they do and sell.

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But my favourite thing about the website is it’s emphasis on people and on the shop itself. When you go there you see a series of quick loading images showing the shop and people enjoying the shop. A crowd attracts a crowd – makes you want to go there! Anonymous websites have the opposite effect in my opinion.

InFull Bloom, South Melbourne

When I type in florist South Melbourne into Google this is the first website that pops up, so full points for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The other thing that is excellent about this website is that it has a unique look in terms of it’s white on black logo which I could imagine would be easy and effective to emulate across other media like business cards. The pages load quickly and the photos in the gallery, while being large enough to look great, also load quickly.

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Floriginality, The Gap

This is a simple website that works hard to deliver a very clear message as to what it does and puts flowers and people at the center of the message, which is what it is all about in the end. The photos load quickly and the site has plenty of easy to navigate examples of the florist’s work broken down into relevant categories and galleries.

The logo up top left links back to the home page which is a basic standard feature yet surprisingly absent from many websites. The testimonials in the sidebars and the sizable body of work communicate clearly a level of professionalism that is essential in securing wedding work.

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson, Sydney

Henry Hudson is one of the stand out websites featured here, focussing on a hipster/fashionista style market.

I personally have always been mystified by the beautiful people and their rarefied world, but I say this with a fairly obvious trace of envy! Beautiful models wearing and showcasing the floral design work and photographed professionally is key. Also important is the, for want of a better word, hipness inherent in the design, in everything from the website itself to the actual floral design. I especially love the home page for it’s total uniqueness amongst floral websites.

Nine Blooms, Cairns

This I love for it’s total lack of pretension. The folksiness is charming, from the unusual (but still well defined) menu items – replacing the usual “home” with “hello there” – and the first person narrative which personally I love when it reflects the truth of a one-man-band.

The floral work is fresh and colourful and once again it is the ease of navigation, plentiful and quick loading photographic examples that make this an effective florist’s website. The quality of the photography is high too which is so important.

Kate Dawes Flower Design, Brisbane

This lovely website has a simplicity of design appealing to the eye while also remaining functional. It is very feminine, like their floral design and also the photos on the wedding page download super fast.

My favourite thing about the site though is the personal touch and the personality that comes through, from the first-person message from the boss on the home page to the way the wedding photo thumbnails reveal the happy couple when you scroll over them, to the fun photo of the crew on the “about” page.

People like to do business with people that they feel they know and like, so smile for the cameras!

sunshine coast florist

A Sculpted Leaf, Sunshine Coast

This one is a mind-blower – an artistic statement that gets straight down to business, with the locale of the website prominent both up top in the title (top of the browser, great for SEO) and also in the contact details in the bottom right hand corner. The home page gives you a clear idea straight away what the business specialises in and once you start exploring the site you see a massive body of quality work, most notably in the wedding flowers section.

I love the “light box” style gallery that pops up, a common enough feature but such a nice way to display photos in a website. The “hunter gatherer”, “profile” and blog pages all give you a lot of insight into the passion that drives the business. Altogether a fantastic floral website.

B Sweet Flowers, Gold Coast

I enjoy this website for it’s elegance and style. I like the way the photos, which download quickly enough, do so with a flourish. And the use of empty space and muted tones shows the hand of a thoughtful designer. The way the text is displayed over a partially translucent frame with photography in the background is a really appealing look and yet again it is the quality of the photography that presents the floral work in the best possible light. Sweet!

www.flowersonmargaret.com.au (update: looks like this site is down, so bad link removed.)

While I have no idea what this business paid for their website, to me this looks like a great example of simple, robust site that could be developed for a very reasonable price. The flourish of the “wave” underneath the top logo and menu is an attractive, effective design and the gently scrolling, fast-loading photographs under that are a great idea.

I like the contact details in the sidebar to avoid frustrating potential customers, and the inclusion of the credit card symbols, while not remarkable in and of themselves, to me inspires trust in the brand, which is important. The use of a light box gallery is always a good idea as is the Google map on the contact page to make life easy for new customers.

Sugar Bee Flowers, Melbourne

The strength of this website is the way that the value proposition of the business is communicated beautifully on the home page in just a single line: “Providing natural and sweet floral designs in Melbourne”. This is backed up by the use of space and quality photography within the site to provide a classy, feminine feel.

There’s something quite relaxing about the site as you navigate to be “introduced” to the florist in first person, then through to the galleries which are super simple, but again quite pleasant to visit. And a link to a regularly updated and visually dynamic floral design blog is a great example of using the free tools that abound for online marketing as well.
Seamus - marketing nerd
Written by Seamus – Tesselaar’s website manager and marketing nerd

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Seamus is Tesselaar Flowers' digital marketing manager. He's a creative marketing geek, writer, musician & accidental flower lover. He helps small businesses with websites and web marketing. If you need any help regarding the Tesselaars website you can contact him on seamuse@tesselaars.com


  1. Dear Seamus, Thanks for the article. Certainly some inspiration there. I would like to point out one of our clients, Blooming Gorgeous. Their website has been running for a couple of years, and unlike any of the examples above has a fully integrated online
    shop. https://www.bloominggorgeous.com.au Out of all our clientele, florists seem to generate the greatest revenue online. I think it is the attraction that you can place an order and have a gift dispatched the same day, anywhere in the world. A florist who
    is not trading online is surely missing out. Cheers James

  2. I found this post after I received multiple visits to by blog through this site. Thank you so much for including me in the list of fabulous websites!! Just when I was wondering if I should do something with my website after reading your previous post.
    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Hi Seamus, You rock!! thanks for including me on your list…my eyes nearly popped out of my head with I saw little ol’ me there! The other websites that you mentioned are amazing! and very inspirational! Happy Easter Y’all! Thanks again! 🙂

  4. Nice blog rightt here! Also your ebsite lots up very fast!
    What host aare you the use of? Can I get your associate link for your host?
    I want my web site loaded uup as fast as yours lol

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