10 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Florists

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Mother’s Day is a-coming and of course this is always a busy time for florists.

Because it’s so busy, you may never have considered doing any marketing for this day, however there is a good argument that you should use the momentum of Mother’s Day to:

  • grab as much “market share” as you can on the day. This means winning a higher percentage of the total flowers sales that will happen in your area on the big day
  • Increase local awareness of your business
  • Bring on board some new customers who you can then “wow” so much that they come back to you for months and years to come
  • Also you should not forget the need to remind men and children to consider buying flowers on Mother’s Day. Some people may instead choose to purchase across other industries (restaurants, bottle of wine, etc.) without a flower purchase at all. So trying to associate Mother’s Day with flowers in the minds of potential customers is important.
Mother's Day Marketing Ideas for Florists

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Florists

10 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

With this in mind, here’s 10 Mother’s Day Marketing ideas to get you thinking…

1 – Partner With Local Restaurants:

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Offer a % discount of an appropriate bunch of flowers to every Mother’s Day dinner booking with a popular local restaurant and make sure they do the same for you, giving you coupons or something to give people when they order flowers for their mum. Be sure to display this offer prominently in your shop.

2 – Gift Wrapping Bonus:

Offer to wrap any other present for Mum, for free, that a customer brings in as long as they purchase flowers from you. Men and kids are often happy to get out of wrapping presents (you may have noticed).

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3 – Cross-Sell Events:

Run a flower arranging workshop shortly after Mother’s Day and get some nice “tickets” printed up and offer these as a cross-sell when people are ordering flowers for mum or as a freebie for orders large enough.

4 – Make An Offer:

Hand out a printed Mother’s Day offer with every purchase leading up to the big day, like a free box of chocolates with every purchase of a certain size. Sure, Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away but these days getting something printed up is not hard, you can even do it on the printer at home.

5 – Email Your Customers:

Email your Mother’s Day offer to your existing email list (and promote it on Facebook, etc., too). Make an offer that encourages your customers on your email list to do what you want them to do like order and pay prior to Mother’s Day.

6 – Kid’s Selections:

Set up an area where kids can come in and choose their own flowers to include in a simple bunch for Mum, have a staff member on hand to help them to wrap up their Mother’s Day flowers. Promote this as a way for Dad to get the kids out of Mum’s hair for an hour on the day.

7 – The Big Banner:

Sometimes locals stop noticing things that are always there (like your shop) so remind them of your existence at this timely moment by hanging up a bright, colourful, professional vinyl banner outside. The banner should exhort the locals to come and purchase Mother’s Day flowers from you, preferably with an offer. They will notice it precisely because it isn’t usually there.

8 – Take Your Business to the Streets

Set up something outside your shop to sell flowers to passing traffic, making it just that bit easier for people to buy Mother’s Day flowers. This change outside of your shop will get noticed for the same reason a new banner would – simply because it isn’t usually there.

9 – Give Flowers Away:

Hire people to hand out single flowers with a flyer attached to it on the day in your local area – the flyers should have an offer in it of course. The idea here is that Mother’s Day flowers already exist as a concept, so all you are doing really is giving the existing momentum a little nudge to increase your sales on the day. Why just sit back and take whatever comes in the door when you could go out and really milk the opportunity to bring double or triple the revenue in that day? Some people will just take the single flower but at least they now have your details, which may lead to further business down the road (weddings, etc.)

10 – Hold a Mother’s Day Contest:

 Every purchase goes in the draw to win Mum something she’d probably love like a day spa voucher for two or a free bunch of flowers once a week for a month to freshen up her house. Don’t be too stingy with the prizes or people won’t be moved to choose your shop!

11 – Wow the Customers

I recently went into a café on a public holiday and they were charging an extra surcharge because they were busier than usual. Also they would not make any changes, no matter how basic, to the menu. I couldn’t believe I was being punished because their business was having a good day!

Being busier than usual may actually make the experience with your business more of an ordeal for your customers than you realise unless you really get organized in advanced. So from a marketing perspective it makes sense to rise to the occasion and do your damnedest not to suck just because you’re busy.

It might even pay to sweeten the pot by offering something extra to everyone that day for choosing your shop. This might be the only chance you get to win over some new customers so think “lifetime value of the customer”, get their email addresses and smile like you mean it!

Hope these Mother’s Day marketing ideas for florists have inspired you to get out there and squeeze the most revenue and brand exposure out of the big day. Good luck!



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