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I have been doing a lot of research into what makes the best florist websites and one thing is for sure – you need lots of lovely photos of your floral design. Websites thrive on photos, especially in the florist industry.

Maybe you are thinking of launching or re-launching your own florist website so to help you I thought I would feature a random selection of sites that I personally think work well for various reasons. Our first florist website blog post was so popular, I thought a second delivery was called for! Florist websites below are not necessarily customers of Tesselaars (or Australian), although some certainly are.

Florist Websites Are Go!

florist website example

Seed & Bloom

Florist, Wangaratta

I like this website because of its’ simplicity and style. I think it’s a great idea to have the address and contact details up front on the home page like they do, although these should be in HTML rather than an image file for SEO purposes. I also like the quick loading photo galleries, so many of them take far too long to load. Photos of the store are nice, especially as it’s a cool looking shop.

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Julie Vine Flowers

Florist – Capalaba, Queensland

This is one of the best floral websites because it is very professional and a real stand-out. The photos are professional (something that most wedding florists can more easily achieve as there is usually a pro-photographer at the event). The depth and professionalism of the work displayed is a very good look for potential customers, so this will be a virtuous cycle. It is definitely worth getting as much of your best work online as you can, not just a couple of examples. However the more content on your site the more important ease of navigation becomes, and I find this site easy to navigate and quick to load. Contact form on the home page is a good idea and again the emphasis on the photos of the floral work is key to this site’s success.

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Browse Flowers Online


Adam’s Garden Florist

Parkwood Florist

Emphasis on photos and quick navigation again make this a great site. I also like their about section. The about section of a website is always highly trafficked as everyone wants to know who you are so they can figure out if they like you before doing business with you. So it’s a good idea to put some thought into this section of your site. In this case the About Us section opens up into a tabbed window that features clear location instructions and then some details about the business that give a good mix of professionalism and personality.

florist website

Floral Finesse

Florist, Bowen, QLD

While I am no fan of music players that start when you open a website, I otherwise quite like this florist website. The bright blue background is striking and refreshing, and the fast loading photo slide show is the thing I like the best about this site. Floristry is all about the visuals, so the first thing customers want to see are inspiring images which this serves up in spades. I like the fact that you can see who the proprietors are on the About page and the testimonials (under “Comments”) are a good idea too.

Props Floral Design


This Canadian site gets a mention purely because if the very interesting feature they have on the “Help for Guys” page. It’s a self-help reminder service, so you fill out the forms and apparently get reminded by the florist website when flower-worthy occasions come up. I think all florists should offer this.

Donvale Flower Gallery

Doncaster East Florist

This site has a quirky edge to it that I like. The dangling sign when you log in draws me in, haven’t seen that before. And then I REALLY like the way on the About page you can see all of the team – including a boxer called Toby! However it is also a well organised site, with phone number clearly displayed up top, three boxes on the home page letting you know who they are and what’s on offer. A good florist website for sure.

Quatre Coer


This is a very simple floral designer website from New York. Although the site is not fancy, the work obviously is and I think it sets a good tone from a branding perspective. With the prudent use of quality images, designer biography, testimonials, press clippings and an artsy photo of the designer on the About page, this site will appeal to the upscale target market, proving to me that you don’t need an expensive website to do so.

Floral Verde


Another simple florist website from the US. This one I like because of the fast loading galleries which really do a good job of spotlighting the actual floral work rather than just “the floral work kind of in the photos but not really the star”, which is too often the case. I also like the blog, which adds a personal touch to the florist, giving you a chance to get to know the designer’s style and personality a little before choosing to call. Remember people usually choose to do business with people they feel they like, first and foremost. The reviews section is very clever, she has linked directly to customer reviews of her business in a number of third party consumer review websites. Better to embrace a trend that is only getting stronger here in Australia!

Zinnia Floral Designs

Perth Floral Designer

Found this website by googling around for floral design websites. I like the way that once you enter it you are sort in a little eco-system with no real reason to leave. This is just a feeling of course, as there is no real difference than any other site (I could leave just as easily) but the pleasing site design and myriad of nooks and crannies to explore kept me interested. I like the style of the site, it’s pretty and cool, and I like the personality that comes across. Good stuff!


Hilla Floral Designs


I have no real idea where this florist website is based, unless I am going blind it does not say, but while it’s slightly impenetrable in terms of practical details, the thing I like about the site is the colour toned presentation of the work in colour grouped galleries in the home page. Different, and I feel, effective. The website conveys effectively that Hilla is obviously a very experienced and skilled florist, a tacky site doesn’t do that…

Holly Heider Chapel Flowers


Such a lovely florist website. This US-based florist site is just wonderful in terms of design and photography in my opinion. The flowers are wonderful, the photography is top notch and the site design is fun, hip and fresh. You could do worse than base your style around this site. There is also an awesome stand alone blog in the Style Me Pretty, err, style. I keep using the word style to describe this, so I guess that’s the point, it is stylish and will surely attract customers like flies to honey.

So now you’re all inspired – time to refresh your florist website? Here’s why you should!

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