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UPDATE: See who was named the overall winner, the 2016 RockStar Florist here!

Voting in the 2016 RockStar Florists competition category finals has been enthusiastic and frenzied with some of the top contenders battling it out long and hard for the win – but now it is time to reveal the 3 category winners!

Before we do, let’s all take a moment to reflect on the TRUE purpose of this competition which is and has always been to PROMOTE QUALITY AUSTRALIAN FLORISTS! So while there have to be winners, and not to take anything away from them, all entrants have benefited from the competition, through continued exposure on our website, emails and social media – not to mention press exposure too!

And for those in the finals, win or not, they can all feel great about their work rising to the top and being exposed to around half a million brides and flower lovers around Australia! Check out these stats below (and this is just for the voting galleries, does not factor in other Facebook posts, Facebook ads, Instagram, our blog, etc etc). Those “K’s” mean thousands people!

rockstar florists competition reach

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En-ee-wayz – safe in the knowledge that everyone’s a winner, let’s get down to the business of revealing the Category Winners for 2016!

These 3 RockStar Florists get TOTALLY awesome prizes and kudos, but don’t forget our competition judges will be selecting the Number #1, ultimate supremo, 2016 RockStar Florist this Monday the 28th November so stay tuned for that! By the way – thank you SO MUCH from all the RockStar Florists team for the time and effort that our judges, Mel, Holly & Julia-rose put in. It’s a busy time of year for them all and everyone has really appreciated their expert input!

Flowers to Carry

3rd place

Christine Campbell from Wild At Heart Flowers

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2nd place

Maggie Ryan from Miss Maggies

1st place

Jess Mauger from Jess Mauger Floral Design

Winning Entry: Flowers To Carry

2016 Flowers To Carry category Winner - Jess Mauger!

2016 Flowers To Carry category Winner – Jess Mauger!

Meet Jess:

Q: How would you describe your work/style?

A: My work I guess is really freestyle… I work with no constraints. If I can envision it, I will make it work no matter how far out of the box I need to go.

Q: Who/what are your biggest stylistic influences?

A: Style influences are too many to mention but I am a huge fan of course of the fabulously talented Julia Rose, Holly Hipwell & Cecilia Fox! I also love the amazing work of Joseph Massie, Frank Alexander NYC & A number of european designers.

Q: What floral trends do you predict going into 2017?

A: Floral Trend…hmmm its soooo hard to predict with the industry always moving and changing with what inspires individual taste. I’m excited to see what amazing artworks come filtering through my fb & insta feeds to the inspire me!

Q: Got any tips for aspiring RockStar Florists?

A: Rock what YOU do!

Q: Where to now for Jess Mauger, RockStar Florist?

A: Lots of upcoming collaborative photoshoots with amazing local vendors, weddings, Glitter Bunches & whatever is meant to be! living & loving what i do ❤

Flowers To Decorate

3rd Place

Rebecca Const from Fox and Rabbit

 2nd Place

Melissa Thompson from Red Earth Flowers

 1st Place

Kate Dawes from Kate Dawes Floral Design (with help from Julia Hendry)

Winning Entry: Flowers To Decorate

2016 Flowers To Wear | Kate Dawes

2016 Flowers To Wear | Kate Dawes

Meet Kate:

Q: How would you describe your work/style?

A: We swing with what our brides like, be it natural style or tidy, but we really love free-flowing, natural styles drawing from nature.

Q: Who/what are your biggest stylistic influences?

A: Love a florist from the UK called Sabine Darrall. Love her stuff because it is so inspiring and out of the box. I would also have to say that other biggest influence is “my brain!”

Q: What floral trends do you predict going into 2017?

A: More free flowing natural, edgy and unique styles. I think there will be more hanging installations, especially as we now have techniques to suspend them more easily without needing to attach them to a ceiling. What’s interesting is what I see happening overseas but don’t see happening here, like in the US they love ribbons, but brides here don’t seem to want them. Who knows, perhaps this will change going forward as it is certainly a huge trend o/s.

Q: Got any tips for aspiring RockStar Florists?

A: Always think outside the box to come up with a creative answer to a problem because nothing is ever set in concrete! And it is important to really listen closely to your clients in the beginning and throughout the process to avoid unnecessary conflict down the track.

Q: Where to now for Kate Dawes, RockStar Florist?

A: We will keep going along as we have, always doing the best for our clients!

Flowers To Wear

3rd Place

Marnie Cunningham from Poppy’s Getting Married


2nd Place

Jasmine Christie from Jasmine Christie Flowers

1st Place

Katelyn O’Donoghue from Charters Flowers

Winning Entry: Flowers To Wear

2016 Flowers To Wear category Winner - Katelyn O'Donoghue!

2016 Flowers To Wear category Winner – Katelyn O’Donoghue!

Meet Katelyn:

Q: How would you describe your work/style?

A: Fun, little bit quirky and different

Q: Who/what are your biggest stylistic influences?

A: Julia-rose, love her work, she is one of my biggest influences for floristry. And also Debbie Mayer and Deb Pemble, who inspired me as I started out. Also music is one of my biggest influences. (Turns out Katelyn is a musician also – she’s BOTH kinds of rock star! You can check her music out here (that’s Katelyn in the middle of the cover photo holding the guitar.)

Q: What floral trends do you predict going into 2017?

A: More floral accessories like rings and necklaces, so more demand for things that are quirky & different. No flower beard orders yet but I am hoping for that still!

Q: Got any tips for aspiring RockStar Florists?

A: Just have heaps of fun, think outside the square and believe in your work!

Q: Where to now for Katelyn O’Donoghue, RockStar Florist?

A: So excited to win the category prize in the RockStar Florists competition so going to be keeping busy and moving forward to further my career!

Thanks to everyone who entered, big ups to all of you who voted, and massive congratulations to our 3 category winners!

Now it’s over to our insanely talented judges Holly Hipwell, Julia-rose, and Melanie Stapleton to select the overall 2016 RockStar Florist. Talk about a tough gig!

The overall RockStar Florists Competition winner will be announced this Monday the 28th November, so prepare to be excited folks!

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