2016 RockStar Florists Finalists: Judge’s Selections, Round Three

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Well, the 2016 RockStar Florists entries are all in and the competition is now CLOSED to new entries! Now, over 9 days (from November 2nd to the 10th) our judges will be doing the difficult work of choosing their RockStar Florists finalists from the total pool of entries. Read on to see Julia-rose’s first 3 selections… 

In the 2016 RockStar Florists competition we have 3 expert judges, Holly, Mel & Julia-rose, all bone-fide floral industry rock stars in their own right! Today’s judge is Julia-rose.

julia-rose florist

Q: What Does 3 x 3 x 3 Equal? A: 27 RockStar Florists!

Over 9 days, our judges will be doing the difficult work of choosing their RockStar Florists finalists from the total pool of entries.

They will do this in lots of three, over three days, one from each of the three categories. This will result in all kinds of fancy numerical fun, but all you need to know is that it will total 27 RockStar Florist finalists who will then go into the public vote over at the Tesselaars Facebook community, battling it out to win in their category!

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Today’s Judge Is: Julia-rose of Flowers By Julia-rose

With over 20 years industry experience, Julia-rose is a celebrated floral artist with an international reputation for her sumptuous organic and naturally eclectic designs.  View her profile page.

Here are Julia-rose’s first 3 selections into the 2016 RockStar Florists finals!

(The following words in italics are Julia-rose’s)

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Oh me, oh my, that was hard!! There are so sooo soooo (Did I say ‘so’?) many gorgeous creations and super talented designers to choose from.
So what I have done is mix it up, choosing flowers that simply make me smile, through to those with moving & emotional imagery.
Each and every piece having been lovingly created by a talented floral designer.

Maggie Ryan | Finalist | 2016 Flowers To Carry category

Maggie Ryan | Finalist | 2016 Flowers To Carry category

Flowers To Carry

Maggie Ryan from Miss Maggies

Julia-rose says: I am not quite sure what it is about this bouquet, but it speaks to me in a most wonderful way. I love the fact that it is all texture. The movement created through its glorious texture is brilliant. The flowers are used in a magnificent way, where they’re not really being “flowery” but are still simply striking. Subtle height variation mixed with sharp edges make this little guy glorious!


Belinda Kuhlewein | Finalist | 2016 Flowers To Wear category

Belinda Kuhlewein | Finalist | 2016 Flowers To Wear category

Flowers To Wear

Belinda Kuhlewein from Belinda marie creations

Julia-rose says: Wow!! I am loving this design. The date palm gives it that edge of drama. Raw. The bouganvillia (which would be completely unreasonable to use in general design) plays its part perfectly, giving a solid background colour. The succulents are hard edged and striking. And then there’s the contrast of those soft little bellies of what seems to be fully blown blushing brides (I could be wrong there) but whatever those little flowers are, the color & texture they introduce are the “Pop” that brings this little guy together. Edgy but beautiful.


Kaye Easling | Finalist | 2016 Flowers To Decorate category

Kaye Easling | Finalist | 2016 Flowers To Decorate category

Flowers To Decorate

Kaye Easling from Twig
Julia-rose says: Old world charm with a modern edge. The mixture of soft traditional blooms with the hard movement of berries and twigs makes this design simply stunning. The fragile garden flowers give it a sense of romance. Such a small design embodies such beautiful emotion. Love it!

Thanks Julia-rose – no doubt you’ve made 3 florists very excited indeed!

Come back tomorrow folks as we reveal our next 3 judge’s selections – tomorrow it’s back to Holly!


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Felicity is Tesselaar Flowers' digital sales manager. She's an ex-ballroom and latin dance instructor, current web, design, and copywriting boffin, and all-time plant and flower geek. If you need any help you can contact her via felicitym@tesselaars.com


  1. Dearest Julia-rose thank you for loving my piece, I’m going to satisfy your curiosity… Yes you are absolute correct they are blushing bride 🙂
    Thier just amazing arnt they !!!
    I brought them for myself to enjoy and kept them even after they dried and thankfully I got very inspired to make something magical with them, so they got to live again and give me more enjoying pleasure once again, and now I’m so very excited they get to give viewing pleasure again to so many others in this competition 🙂

    And also you might be excited for me to tell you all of that Boganvillia is already dried… So it will stay that fabulous forever
    so I can keep it on my wall with my incredible certificate
    Thank you sooo much once again
    Bel x

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