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Florist Websites: 3 Classy Floral Sites You’ll Love

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We have previously run blog posts about florist websites and they have proved very popular here at our florist blog. Since then we have kept a running list of sites that have caught our collective eye, so let’s check out some floral websites you’ll love.

Hopefully, whether you’re on the look out for wonderful wedding flowers or you’re a florist yourself thinking about your online marketing, these 3 will inspire you. Click the images to visit the sites.

3 Classy Florist Websites

green door florist website

The Green Door Florist website

The Green Door Florist

This florist website is an absolute corker. When you open this site, you’re greeted with full screen floral photography of high quality and it is a beautiful thing. If you think about it, the structure of a website can be a distraction; columns, borders, blocks of colour. Here these superfluous details are done away with and instead it is the content – the flowers – that are left to tell the story. Clearly it’s a story of quality, colour and passion for flowers. The stylish, hand-drawn logo also completes the statement of the brand.

My only criticism is that there is an empty photo gallery. This is not a great user experience and also Google doesn’t like that much either so not good for your SEO. Better to only have live links to pages that exist. 

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However, another fine feature of the website is that when you click through to visit the other galleries, the photos load up really quick, which I think matters, and is not as typical an experience as you’d hope. And the photos are seriously classy.

Clicking through the site I also like the fact that they show the team with photographs and a bit of information, important in my opinion. Also great is the tie in between the virtual, non-physical worlds of their logo and brand name and their actual shop which features … a green door!

Planet Flowers - florist website

Planet Flowers – florist website

Planet Flowers

Buy Flowers Wholesale

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Browse Flowers Online

Cassie Reilly from our Queenland warehouse pointed this site out to me and it’s wonderful.

I actually usually have a problem with side-scrolling photo galleries like those on this site. Many photographers and florists seem to like and choose these in their websites and I have never been sure why as I find them clunky and unintuitive. However, these galleries do work well and are almost intuitive, and more importantly, the floral design, to my untrained eye, is fantastic. I mean these guys must have the top end of the UK market sewn-up because these weddings are seriously grand, and there’s loads of them.

And that’s what is fabulous about this website, the photographs are professional and numerous and they are left to tell the story of what is clearly some seriously top-shelf floral design. I think you will enjoy both the wedding galleries and the corporate work too. As for me, I just lost half an hour of my life soaking in how the other half live ;-P

Amy Merrick florist website

Amy Merrick, florist website

Amy Merrick
New York

Such a great home page, that’s my first comment. The thing is you have to be careful when you mess with the traditional layout of websites, because you want people to feel like they know how to move around, so the great success here is that even though the site is totally not structured in your normal way, it’s instantly obvious how to navigate the site. And, also obvious straight away is the style of the florist; you know its going to be a arty, hip, pretty and natural. It’s important to clearly explain what you are are, what style you are. And it’s very easy for your website design to give people the wrong idea. That doesn’t happen here.

Entering the website, which I discovered via Henry Hudson, the navigation structure becomes more traditional, and this is a good thing I think. It’s like: “opening statement made, let’s get to the content”. Visiting the flowers page first (of course) I am instantly transported to a world where class and, dare I say it, money, meet with hipster styles and earthy, good intentions. Classy but not plastic-glam. I love it. The flowers page revolves around a gallery of work which was a little slow for me to open (perhaps not a problem in the US, we have slower Internet here in Australia). The way that the gallery displays a single image at a time works for me, as I love the idea (increasingly) of a single idea on a page. Or at least as few as possible (easier said than done, too, I might add).

The styling page features more floral goodness, leaning heavier towards the arty side of things and if you haven’t seen them before, this page is worth a click to check out the floral ice-cream cones. Seriously, I know you’ve thought about flowers being yummy enough to eat before, right?

The blog link opens up into a new tab and is actually a separate website, a blogspot, which (call me a geek snob) but I am not much of a fan of as a platform. However they are easy to set up and use and free, so hard to argue with that if your code skills aren’t much cop! The theme is white and minimal and focuses on photography of the work which is impeccable. The comment counts for each post are pretty high, 30 or 40 per post, so it’s clear this florist has a big following. All in all, a great website for a very stylish and charismatic florist.


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