3 More Unusual Marketing Ideas For Florists

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Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out from the Pack With These 3 Unusual Marketing Ideas For Florists

Continued from part one – Florist Marketing Ideas

flower costume, one of 3 marketing ideas for florists

If you don’t really see yourself as a marketer as such and find it hard to come up with interesting ideas to promote your floristry business – then relax – Tesselaars to the rescue! Here’s some more out-there marketing ideas for florists to help jump start your florist business marketing.

1. Help Blokes Get Organised

Offer a subscription service or a reminder service to men. Despite best intentions, we men are often hopeless at remembering birthdays, Mother’s Day, wedding anniversaries, etc. – or at least I am anyway!

So why not make your business useful and offer a free reminder service for your male customers? Get them to provide their contact details and their wife’s birthday, mother’s birthday, wedding anniversary, etc., and mark it down in a diary.

Then you simply check each day who needs reminding 3 days in advance and send them a personalised template email or text message.
Lock ’em in Eddie! Marketing ideas for florists are go!

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You could also offer these men a subscription model whereby they agree for you to put orders through for them automatically on set occasions, complete with a pre-determined message from them. Then you simply charge their credit card as per arrangement.This idea might take some initial organizing but it would be worth it if you made it work, setting you up with a certain amount of guaranteed sales and a reason to contact regular customers to remind them to come buy flowers from you!

There are plenty of software options to help organize something like this – but if you are not that into technology you can always just do it using an old fashioned (paper) organizer.

2. Make an E-book

This is one of the best marketing ideas for florists – I’m serious!

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It isn’t hard to do and it doesn’t need to have a lot of words in it, so you should make an e-book and give it away free.

Why? A lot of people love to download e-books – especially when they are free – and it could be a fantastic viral marketing tool for your business, as they are easy to email to your friends.

What would you put in it?

Everyday there are loads of potential customers scouring the Internet for information and inspiration for their impending wedding, so a colourful e-book full of glossy examples of your best wedding work should do the trick. Throw in some useful tips to help them get the best out of their wedding’s floral arrangements and you’ve got a “book”. Same goes for one based around corporate events.

I believe this is an opportunity going begging. I have yet to find an example of this by a florist anywhere on the Net.

But How Do You Make Them?

E-books can be very easy to put together; you can just save a word document as a PDF. However, it would pay to have it made by a graphic designer because this will reflect your business’s professionalism.

Make sure you include lots of links to your website in it, plus contact details and information about your business. Encourage people to email the e-book to their friends.

Check out this link:how to make an ebook

3. Do Something Really, Really Wacky

If you are game, why not pull a crazy publicity stunt to draw attention to your business?

For example why not build “The Big Flower” on top of your florist shop (a la tourist attractions like the Big Banana, etc.)? Then you can sell souvenirs as well as flowers!

Here’s a truly zany idea: do you think your florist business would get a lot of press and publicity if you declared that you were going to dress up in a full-on Gerbera costume (even out of work hours?) until you had sold enough flowers to pay off your business debt or raise $5000 for your favourite charity?

Yes, yes it would…

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