45 Easter Flower Table Centrepiece Ideas

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While the hot cross buns and lamb roast are traditionally considered the main fare, Easter isn’t just about food. Or gorging on foil wrapped chocolate eggs. Or catching a few extra zzz’s on all 4 days of the long weekend. Although these are all good things, Easter is also about crafting festive decorations for your home, and one of the best ways to decorate during Easter is with floral table arrangements.

We’ve compiled a gallery of beautiful and unique Easter-inspired table arrangements, with a focus on the season’s most popular blooms. Make these table settings your own by sprinkling some cute porcelain bunnies and DIY painted eggs among your favourite in-season flowers to add a touch of whimsy to your Easter celebrations. Or go to the other extreme and pare your centrepieces right back to bare branches, pussy willow, and white lilies to create an ultra crisp, clean, and modern take on the traditional Easter theme.

Colourful Easter Flowers

Colourful Easter Flowers Featured in Table Centrepiece

However you choose to decorate hopefully this colourful gallery has given you a bit of inspiration on how to brighten your home with Easter flowers this holiday season. You can also give these flowers as gifts to family and friends – read on to find out what each of them mean!


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The striking and perfectly formed tulip flower is considered to be a messenger of passion and love and is a popular Easter flower. For a family with young children the brighter and more multi-coloured the bunch the better! To add a ‘grown-up’ twist try simple white, pink and/or yellow arrangements in elegant glassware.

Tulips Popular Easter Flower Choice

Mix Tulips, Hand Painted Eggs, Bunnies and Baskets for a Fun Easter Setting

Tulips Popular Easter Flower Choice

Elegant Glassware, Fine China and High Quality Table Linens make for a Sophisticated Setting Featuring Tulips, the Most Popular Easter Bloom



The bright and sunny daffodil is the birthday flower of March, is associated with Lent, and is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. Daffodils are often found connected with Easter because of their new birth significance. Mix daffodils with tulips for a colourful, happy display.

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Daffodils are a bright way to add colour this easter.

Mix daffodils with tulips to create a colourful Easter centrepiece.

Daffodils are a popular Easter bloom.

The sunny daffodil is a favourite Easter flower.



Sweet-smelling Hyacinth flowers will add a fun Easter fragrance to your home as well as a brightness! If you are giving Hyacinth flowers as a gift choose wisely as the different colours have different meanings. A white Hyacinth flower symbolizes the recipient is ‘lovely’, a purple Hyacinth means ‘please forgive me’, a yellow Hyacinth is indicative of jealousy, and the pink or red Hyacinth denotes playfulness. If you are using Hyacinth purely as decoration feel free to go for whatever colours you like!

Hyacinth a great choice of Easter flower.

Some fragrant hyacinths used as Easter table features.

Hyacinth popular Easter flowers.

Add touches of Hyacinth around your home for a subtle fragrant hit.


Azaleas & Chrysanthemums

Much-loved Easter flowers on their own or in combination, Azaleas and Chrysanthemums are said to represent cheerfulness, truthfulness, elegance and passion. Azaleas give off a very sweet fragrance and are often given in friendship, and when you gift someone a bunch of Chrysanthemums you are wishing them a greatness and happiness in life. No wonder they are so popular!

Azaleas and Chrysanthemums favourite Easter flowers.

Azaleas and Chrysanthemums are great additions to an Easter flower bouquet.


White Lilies

White Lilies have long been associated with the Resurrection and they are still considered by many to be a sign of purity and hope. Choosing to decorate your home with white Lilies will make your home and your family feel fresh and calm. Pair them with subtle pussy willows (a symbol of new growth) and metallic or geometrically painted eggs to add a modern twist on an old favourite.

White lilies are a perfect choice for Easter.

Go for a modern Easter table arrangement with white lilies, pussy willows and hand painted eggs suspended from bare branches.


Adding the Finishing Touches to your Easter Tablescape

With your feature flowers in position, it’s time to add your style and personality to your Easter table setting. From moss mats and burlap to bunny-themed tableware and cake toppers, there are so many options to choose from that you’re really only limited by your imagination – and your level of culinary skill. Have fun!

Easter table centrepiece decorations.

Find the perfect finishing touches for your Easter table arrangement.


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