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Yesterday I went a-surfing and by the end of the day I had a fine list of wonderful wedding flower galleries (mostly by Australian florists). Here’s five of them, and why I think they’re ace.

Please note: I am not a florist and these selections, presented in no particular order, are based more around the design of the flower galleries themselves than the actual floristry (although the latter all seems awesome to me, I shall leave this to your expert eye).

Kate Hill Flowers

I like the way this gallery is loaded to begin with the clearly-branded bouquet first up. What a great way to drill the brand name into the minds of the prospective client.

The gallery is quick loading and easy to figure out how to use. I also like the latest blog post, mailing list sign up and social media links that are all displayed immediately under the photos, to draw you into the world of the brand.

The fact that there is no requirement to scroll endlessly down the page is a winner, as this becomes annoying, especially for people who work on computers all day (we all have RSI, sad but true, and consequently are always trying to minimise mouse-use).

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Mondo Floral Designs

This simple method of displaying photos is an effective way of setting up a wedding flowers gallery. It reminds me of Facebook albums, which are a good thing in my opinion.

The way the wedding bouquets are arranged into colour groups is smart because colour is so top-of-mind when brides are planning their wedding flowers.

I also like the classic “lightbox” display, which is basically the modern, attractive version of a pop-up box. If you choose to use a lightbox display on your website, it is important to ensure that you cover these two factors:

  1. Make the navigation arrows visible without requiring the user to hover over the photos with their mouse. (Why make it hard for the user?)
  2. Enable the arrow keys to be used for browsing through the galleries – again to save us poor computer-worker’s wrists!


Brides in Bloom

This gallery is easy to navigate, fast to load and chock full of examples of happy customers wielding the business’s floral creations.

But the thing I really like about this gallery is the placement of the social media sharing icons. Click a thumbnail and you’ll see that directly under each large photo is a row of icons encouraging you to share this florist’s work on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest or good old fashioned email.

They also have a scrapbook facility which enables you to build your own scrapbook of favourites from their collection. This could be very handy for those brides-to-be who have not succumbed to the multi-coloured vortex that is Pinterest!


Floral Designs by Julia Rose

This website basically treats its homepage as a wedding flowers gallery and this is a good thing in my opinion. The photos are large, professional and colourfully expressive, straight away giving you a sense of the florist’s personal style.

Essentially the whole site serves as a promotional gallery, focusing on big bright shots of the florist’s work in action. Me likely.


more wedding flower galleries


Green & Bloom

Here’s another site that gets straight down to business and treats the homepage as a gallery.

Definitely one of my personal favourites, Green & Bloom seem to perfectly capture “that” style. As in that-style-I-like-but-don’t really-know-the-name-of. You know the one, it’s all over Pinterest, and is reflected in websites like Style Me Pretty. And very often features grooms wearing braces, flowers in mason jars all done up with brown string and pictures of the bridal party’s feet.

Anyway, whatever this style is called (Hipster? I don’t know. Feel free to enlighten me in the comments section below), it looks damn good to me. Natural, fresh, retro, wacky and … dare I say it – hip.

One more thing about their wedding flowers gallery: the coolest thing about it to me is the way Green & Bloom think like publishers, telling the story of each wedding flowers job next to a lead-in photo, describing the people, the setting and of course – the wedding flowers.


Melbourne Flower Gallery

This is quite a unique site for a florists, implementing a style of website that is often preferred by photographers, one that scrolls across the page almost endlessly. I am not sure if I find that aspect of it very user-friendly but what I DO like about this website is:

  • Focus on the different aspects of wedding floristry (flower types, colours, etc)
  • Focus on people, most of the wedding bouquets are being held by staff members
  • Fast loading and it’s fun how it all dances around when you click on things (these types of shenanigans are fine as long as they work fast, nothing worse than being left hanging while something superfluous loads)
  • The black background. Actually I am in two minds about black backgrounds. Text looks terrible on it, but you have to say, the colours of the flowers jumps out against a black background
  • The way a share photo on Facebook or email thing pops up if you hover over the photo (except I wouldn’t make it hover, I would just have it visible always)
  • Row of photos in the gallery above the big photo you are viewing, for easier navigation to the wedding flowers that interest you.
  • Easy contact details. Actually it was only just now that I realised that this is a business that I featured in a previous florist websites post. Goes to show, there’s no rule that says you only need to have ONE website!


Know of an Awesome Wedding Flowers Gallery?

I found most of these sites by trolling through Google search results for keywords like “wedding flower galleries” and the like. Meanwhile, perhaps you’re sitting at home or at work reading this thinking “Hey! Our gallery is awesome too!” – well then – send it to us.

You can leave a link to it in the comments below or you can email it to me via webadmin@tesselaars.com
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