70% of Customers Willing to Pay More for Guaranteed Flowers

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A survey conducted in the US has brought to light the importance of longevity guarantees in the eyes of the consumer, especially if offered in a suitable manner.

The survey draws three major conclusions…    

flower guarantees

1 – Customers Are Willing to Pay More for Guaranteed Flowers

While it depends on the type of occasion or purchase, a majority of survey participants said they would happily pay more for flowers that came with a guarantee of longevity and quality. Specifically, by purchase/occasion type:

  • 70% – Romantic Event
  • 65% – Mother Event
  • 58% – Get Well
  • 53% – Once in a Lifetime event
  • 45% – Holidays
  • 43% – Thank you
  • 33% Day Brightener / Just Because

2 – The Way the Guarantee is Offered Matters

The survey concluded that in the case of gift purchases, a majority of participants would prefer that the flower packaging include a subtle guarantee card in it that enables the recipient to exchange their flowers without having to involve the person who gave them the flowers (too embarrassing or socially awkward).

Participants strongly agreed with the following statements:

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  • “I would like directions on how to redeem the guarantee subtly included in the packaging”
  • “I would like contact information on how to redeem the guarantee subtly included in the packaging”
  • “I would want to contact the store directly and not even tell the giver”
  • “I wouldn’t want the giver to know (and feel bad) about their gift dying”

3 – The Type of Guarantee Customers Want Depends on the Occasion

The Survey shows that in many cases, customers would like the ability to exchange poor quality flowers for new stock. These types of occasions were not “day specific” and obviously would involve displaying and appreciating the flowers for some time after purchase, like gifts and “room brightener” purchases.

In the case of day-specific events like funerals and weddings, guarantees were still important but needed to focus on delivery and quality guarantees with a money back offer.

For those who like the details, here’s a longer article about the survey results.
Seamus - marketing nerd
Written by Seamus – Tesselaar’s website manager and marketing nerd

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  1. I think we all like longetivity in the flowers, it looks good for us. What however do you do when you’ve had the wettest, most humid summer on record. The flowers are having a hard time growing and it’s impossible to give absolute guarantees at times like
    this. What happens if for instance you are selling off your older flowers and the customer knows they are older as it’s clearly maked and they are told, but the buyer gives it as a gift, the recipient doesn’t know that they were the cheapies, you shouldn’t
    have to give a guarantee on those. With funeral and wedding flowers, and they usually get manhandled (especially wedding flowers) they are at their most optimum for that day, so they will not ever last for weeks afterward. On the rare occasion anyone has rung
    and said their flowers didn’t last, after making sure they have followed the care card I include in everything I send out, I have no problems with exchanging flowers that are inferior. You know yourselves that sometimes singapore orchids go limp because they’ve
    become dehydrated, imported roses don’t usually open very well, sometimes Gerberas get a blockage in their stem and can’t drink. All things beyond your control, but if you have a good supplier you can usually get a credit or exchange.

  2. I would be concerned that people would still try to get a guarantee upheld even if they haven’t looked after the flowers the way they should have. So many of my customers manhandle flowers practically as soon as they are handed over.

  3. This is a good idea but I do have to agree with the previous comments. So many customers are unaware of the care instructions of the flowers which then leads to damaged and short lived blooms. We also attach care instructions to all of our orders yet we
    will still receive the occasional call for damage/wilted flowers. It is all well and good to say to put a guarantee with the flowers but there will be the odd customer that will not follow the care instruction and try to get a refund/replacement flowers because
    they can.

  4. What about when the customer picks up the flowers themselves and delivers them to the recipient but stops at the shop on the way and leaves the flowers in a hot car. The recipient doesn’t know that and we don’t know that, although we may have our suspicions
    when there appears to be no other reason why they would not have lasted.

  5. I have found that over my many years in floristry business that not many people take the time to call back and when they do you should always replace without question. My response is always, “if your not happy, than Im not happy”. The type of person to
    call back is usually a confident person to start with and is not the sort of person you want bagging your business around town. If handled well, a complaint could turn things in the complete opposite direction. The recipient will tell more people the great
    customer service story, than the wilting flowers story. This is the chance to grab a potentially new customer forever if you handle a complaint well. I always call recipient next day and make sure they are happy and if appropriate I even call sender and fill
    them in what has happened. You will be amazed how well that sort of attention to a complaint is received.

  6. oh.. had a bridezilla today,she got her first option and was beautifull, but aparently she wanted her 2nd option can you ever be right????

  7. Thanks for the contributions everybody. Having spent years in customer service I can relate to the feeling of frustration when customers do complain, especially when you don’t feel it’s justified. In fact, in my youth I was renowned for a complete lack
    of tact when dealing with whingers! However, time has shown me the error of my ways. 99% of the time people don’t use the guarantee and when they do it is a great chance to win a customer for life. Like Lisa is basically saying, it’s all about happy customers!

  8. when any of my flowers leave the store, the arrangements and bouquets are full of water (for arrangements at list half a index finger on top of foam) as you can never be sure about the person who is receiving the flowers, to look after them. Along with
    lots of water, they always get a card on how to care for the flowers and also a contact card if there is any problems within the 48 hours we will replace. the only time we do not replace is upon neglect and we have samples of this in store so that if we did
    get a complaint, we can compare to the picture (or use it as a guide). we have had one occasion were a customer came in and the foam was bone dry after 3 days …. and i mean dry. we don’t cover neglect.

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