Welcome to the Heart of Flower Country

Travel east out of Melbourne - high and deep into the misty blue Dandenong Ranges.
Keep going, past the cafes and tourists and the Puffing Billy steam train. Beyond the towering
gums and giant ferns of Sherbrooke Forest.

You're nearly there.
Somewhere unique.

Head for Monbulk, but turn left just before you get there and follow the winding road some more.
You’ve arrived. You’re now in flower country, where blazing blooms of every hue
confetti the rolling green fields.


The lush, wet hills and valleys of Monbulk have produced the highest quality flowers in the land for the
best part of a century. Families from Holland brought their flower growing expertise and the fertile soil
soon blossomed with colour.

It’s from these hills that, over 70 years ago, one such Dutch family grew to become Australia's best-known
name in flowers: Tesselaars. And it’s from these hills still that Tesselaars deliver market-fresh wholesale flowers to
you, wherever you are on the map. Combining centuries-old traditions and modern flower-handling technologies
we guarantee the biggest range of quality flowers that last longer in the vase.


More About Tesselaar Flowers

Tesselaar Flowers leads in supplying wholesale flowers to Australian florists. We sell flowers via our Brisbane, Perth and
Melbourne flower markets and we can deliver fresh to you anywhere in Australia.

It’s no secret that Tesselaar Flowers is a market leader in the services it provides; services built on the back of decades
of in-depth market experience.

Supplying wholesale flowers to the leading retail florists in the industry over a 70-year period, as well as
offering general public consumers a complete floral solution for all types of events, especially weddings, Tesselaar
Flowers has grown to become Australia’s largest wholesale florist, servicing more customers than any other
domestic wholesaler.

It’s a position made possible because of the long-term relationships Tesselaar nurtures with the country’s best
wholesale flower growers, and also because Tesselaar Flowers only employs highly efficient, talented and
qualified staff members.

In this way, Tesselaar is a market innovator, understanding that the wholesale flower business is as much about
people as it is about supplying the highest quality of flower available.

For us, attention to detail is paramount: from the soil to the showroom to your door, we treat your flowers like royalty.
This philosophy has stood the test of time (not to mention winning us many industry awards for customer service,
product range and quality).

Psssst ... by the way ... Ordering wholesale flowers just got a whole lot easier.