Baby’s Breath: 12 Gypsophila Wedding Ideas (Rustic Vintage )

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babys breath

Babies breath flowers, otherwise known as gypsophila or just ‘gyp’, was adored in the 80’s.  The ultimate filler flower and being very economical saw it be added into all occasion flowers, nearly every posy, every arrangement, included baby’s breath.  But its use in 80’s weddings, paired with its partner in crime, the carnation, along with huge puffy sleeved gowns, perms and bling saw its demise.

At the beginning of my career, early 2000’s, everything was clean and modern.  Oriental lilies, orchids and bamboo were the trend and gypsophila had become such a fashion faux pas, I remember that if you went to buy it at the market you had to explain to your fellow florists, ‘oh, it’s for an elderly ladies birthday, her daughter says it’s her favourite’.

Baby's breath matching crown and bouquet | Jess Mauger Floral Design

Baby’s breath matching crown and bouquet | Jess Mauger Floral Design, Image by Dani Drury • Photographer

But oh how fashion comes full circle. The baby breath flower is back in a big way, thanks, in my opinion, to a few factors.  It was made popular again by celebrities and tv shows.  When Charlotte married Harry in the sixth season of Sex And The City, she carried an elegant hand tied bouquet of just baby’s breath (there is online debate whether it could be lily of the valley, but either way this bouquet design can be created using gypsophila and many brides have copied the look using better value gyp).

Charlotte's bouquet, gypsophila or lily of the valley?

Charlotte’s bouquet, gypsophila or lily of the valley? | Image via Weddington Way

Then more recently came the rise of the rustic vintage wedding.  This wedding trend is so huge and has been for quite a few years now, I can’t see it slowing down anytime soon.   The other really important reason came after the GFC, DIY wedding flowers.  Brides were on a budget and what better, more simple, economic and easy bloom for DIY than gypsophila. Gypsophila in glass jars and wooden crates, equals very vintage rustic style.

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table arrangements | Aphrodite's Weddings (left), Blossom Shoppe (right)

Baby’s breath table arrangements | Aphrodite’s Weddings (left), Blossom Shoppe (right)

But the most interesting thing about gypsophila is that it came back in fashion not just as the filler flower, but this time as the hero, en masse.  This gave its use in design a whole new style, like this gorgeous example from Heavenly Blooms.

Hanging gyp design

Hanging gyp design | Heavenly Blooms

When created into spheres and hung from the ceiling using fishing line, it can look as though they are little clouds floating in the air! Beautiful as a single sphere or in a grouping of three or more.

Gypsophila Sphere

Baby breath flower sphere | Poppy’s Getting Married

Baby’s breath bouquets can be created using just this bloom or mixed together with other seasonal pretties.  Even just the embellishments to finish can change the style of the bouquet from rustic with twine or hessian to elegant with striped black and white grosgrain ribbon.

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bouquets by Sara Meredith Designer Florist, Brizzy Bridal Bouquets, Leongatha Flower Power, Deanes Wedding Flowers.

Bouquets by Sara Meredith Designer Florist (top left), Brizzy Bridal Bouquets (top right), Leongatha Flower Power (bottom right), Deanes Wedding Flowers (bottom right).

Similarly, buttonholes can be created using just this bloom or mixed together with other blooms like roses or hydrangea. So simple and cute!

Buttonhole by Denise's Flower Studio

Buttonhole by Denise’s Flower Studio

Rustic gypsophila buttonholes | Max and Vicky (left) and Little Brown Fox Studio-Flowers By Brooke (right)

Rustic gypsophila buttonholes | Max and Vicky (left) and Little Brown Fox Studio-Flowers By Brooke (right)

Another great rustic vintage wedding idea is to incorporate gyp into your hair style.  As you can see the designs can be varied from full cascading crowns to simple crowns to just little florets placed throughout a braid.

hair flowers

Gypsophila hair flowers | Bundles of blossoms (top left), Angie’s Floral Design (top right), Twigs Florist (bottom left), Wauchope Colonial Florist (bottom right).

This flower can also be pretty for cake decorations. Ad Artistry chooses ranunculus and roses to complement.

cake flowers

Cake flowers | AD Artistry

And ceremony flowers can be a statement with a full arch of this beautiful bloom en masse.  A pretty example here from Le Bouquet.


Arch | Le Bouquet

Personally, I love this bloom as it is so hardy, it doesn’t need much water at all as it can be dried and look the same.   Perfect if you want to keep your bouquet after your wedding day.  So if you a planning a rustic vintage wedding or want to keep the flower budget low, gypsophila could be the way to go!


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