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Berries, Nuts & Pods, inc Scabiosa & Sea Holly

Berries, Nuts & Pods, inc Scabiosa & Sea Holly

Featuring contemporary materials like berries, nuts, and pods is a definite trend in modern floral design. These visual embellishments add a contrast of textures, as well as depth of colour and interest, and their often neutral or singular colours allow them to be paired with a wide variety of palettes and blooms.  Fashionable in rustic or creative flower bouquets and centerpieces, popular varieties of berries, nuts, and pods include billy buttons, scabiosa, lotus pods, sea holly, gum nuts, peppercorns, and hypericum.



Availability: Autumn
Stem Count: 10 / bunch
Vase life: Long
Colour range: Brown/Green

Scabiosa Pods are round ball shaped heads with unique texture. Use Scabiosa Pods alone or combine them with other flowers and foliage to create interesting wedding bouquets, table centerpieces or flower arrangements.

Examples of use

Sea Holly


Availability: Most of the year
Stem Count: 5-10 / bunch
Vase life: Long
Colour range: Blue/Silver and green

Sea Holly is a wonderful textural thisle.   Each green or silvery-blue stem has clusters of  blue cone shaped blooms and spiny-toothed leaves. Great for different buttonholes and adding interest to floral designs.

Examples of use