Better Flowers – even in 40 degree heat!

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Here at Tesselaars, we have the best cool-chain systems in Australia, so your wholesale flowers stay cold, fresh and sterile which means they last longer.

Today it’s tipped to be a scorching 40 degrees in Melbourne, 43 in Adelaide and plenty hot elsewhere – and that is exactly why Tesselaar Flowers can deliver better flowers!

hot day better flowers

On scorching hot days like today…

Here’s Why Our Flowers Last Longer

Your flowers arrive early in the morning from local farms and are ‘checked in’ to our coolroom complex on arrival and set up for our pickers.

All flowers are clearly visible and easy to pick in one big cool-store maintained at around 5 degrees (tropical are the exception).

refridgerated wholesale flowers

… your wholesale flowers stay refrigerated…

Orders are picked in the cool-store and placed in a holding refrigerated holding area and sorted by destination without leaving the fridge.

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Orders are transported to the refrigerated packing line which maintains 10 degrees air temperature.

flowers cold chain

…and stored in refrigerated water …

A separate water refrigeration and bucket filling facility provides ‘procona’ buckets on the conveyer with water at 2 degrees. The bucket had been previously sterilized with a chlorine pill and a special plant transport food “tea-bag” added.

Each wholesale flowers order is separately packed in procona buckets and palletized for its long distance destination.

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cool chain wholesale flowers

… staying cold right along the cool-chain, to your door.

Completed pallets are maintained at 6 degrees until loaded by forklift into a refrigerated truck. These are transported to long haul freight depots and loaded into long-distance refrigerated trucks for overnight transport and local courier delivery.

These are the lengths we go to so that YOU get better flowers that last longer – even on scorchers like today!

Follow the cool-chain journey from arrival at our warehouse to dispatch via our cool-trucks in the gallery below.

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