Florist Survey: What are your biggest challenges as a florist or wedding and events coordinator?

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Over the last couple of weeks we have been running a short, 3-minute florist survey to help us get a handle on how we can better help florists and weddings/events coordinators and stylists.

We thought that your answers gave an interesting glimpse into what life is like across the floral industries and figured you might like to see what everyone else is thinking.

The survey is still open so if you don’t think these results are indicative of your viewpoint (or if you do!) then please go ahead and have your say too. (It is anonymous.)

Also note that if the words in the charts below are too small for you to read, you can click the images to see bigger versions.

1. Which of these topics have you found most useful in the Tesselaars blog?

florist survey

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2. What topics would you like to see covered or to learn more about?

Here’s a sample of responses:

  • Maybe some marketing ideas for home based florists.
  • More arrangement styles and designs
  • Everything to do with the floristry business. It’s great to see what other florists are doing to get through the tough times (and always with a smile on their faces)
  • Flower availability (in advance)
  • Retail, shop trade. How Business is being affected by financial fear!
  • How to turn clicks into cash.
  • Ways of recycling all the different waste products we have – e.g. – there is so much plastic wrap from all the flowers, is there anything we can do with it? (Any ideas anyone?)
  • Current floral trends & styles as well as new products
  • Less of the website stuff would be great, but some more features on unusual flowers, interesting ideas, and Christmas thoughts would be excellent.
  • Anything to help promote our online business

3. Would your business benefit from hands-on help with any of the following online marketing areas?

florist survey results

4. Which of these things offered by Tesselaars have you enjoyed or found useful?

florist industry survey

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5. What would you say are your biggest challenges as a florist or wedding / events coordinator?

Here’s a sample of responses:

  • As a home based florist, getting my name out there and creating business for myself is a challenge. Also, I’ve found it very difficult finding floristry classes to teach me skills I need to develop more. There only seems to be one lady in Brisbane who I go to. Why is there such a yawning gap in teaching floristry by experienced florists???
  • The ever changing flower costs. And getting your quote right the first time.
  • Online presence, figuring out what are the most lucrative avenues of advertising – magazines, expos, Google ads.
  • My biggest challenge is getting my clients to think of flowers as something they should have in their houses all the time.
  • Having fresh ideas
  • People not wanting to spend as much money anymore. They want superior design ideas but don’t want to pay a lot of money.
  • So many challenges! Stock ordering, making sure it’s in season -minimizing wastage & excess stock is difficult -marketing in such a competitive environment -living off 2 minute noodles when it’s too quiet.
  • Staying ahead of the competition and as a regional florist keeping up to date with current trends and seasonal flowers from afar.
  • Getting more customers through the doors, price cutting florists, rising costs.
  • Trying to make customers see that “something simple” in a wedding bouquet is just as time consuming and expensive as something stylish or large. They just don’t want to pay what it’s worth either in product or the florist’s time.
  • Cash flow
  • Keeping pace with trends, getting flowers that people want but are not in season!
  • Sourcing the current trend items brides see coming out of the U.S which are very hard to get a hold of here.
  • Time management
  • Time! There is never enough time to do everything. So I do what I can and what I can do, I make sure it’s my best.
  • Helping people to understand the value of flowers and why they are worth spending the extra coin without seeming to be pushy with sales.
  • There is so much we want to do but we are tired out! Providing value for money to the customer, knowing what is worthwhile to spend on promotion and things like a website, finding the time to get products and themes together to photograph to promote ourselves, and time think about the best way to design a website, including all the different ways of e-commerce and payment systems and their varying pros and cons, and if it’s all worthwhile/ if it will pay for itself. It’s all really confusing and expensive, and we don’t want to make a wrong choice.
  • Attracting customers.


What are Your Thoughts?

Why not share with us what you think by completing the survey or commenting below?

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Written by Seamus – Tesselaar’s website manager and marketing nerd

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Seamus is Tesselaar Flowers' digital marketing manager. He's a creative marketing geek, writer, musician & accidental flower lover. He helps small businesses with websites and web marketing. If you need any help regarding the Tesselaars website you can contact him on


  1. Interesting to read the survey results. I am relatively new to the industry (formerly a Clinical Psychologist in private practice) and I now run a non profit called The Flower Project ( which aims to uplift women who are isolated,
    elderly or experiencing a difficult time with surprise flowers. I currently do forty bunches/posy boxes per month but am very keen to explore income streams to help me cover costs (the project is entirely volunteer run at the moment). What I would really love
    to see is an active forum where florists can share ideas, challenges and thoughts. I know there is flowergoss, but that is a very quiet forum.I would also love more creative training in Brisbane.

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