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Blogging for florists is an under-developed field resplendent with opportunity for the enterprising florist. 

A static website with a catalogue is one thing – including a blog into the bargain is another. In today’s post I will look at whether or not blogging is worth doing if you are a florist with a single flower shop.

blogging for florists

But firstly, in case you don’t know what a blog is – it’s a kind of website (or part thereof) that has the ability for you to log entries much like a diary, with the latest entry usually appearing first and usually with the ability for readers to leave comments. You are reading a blog now!

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 Blogging for Florists: Why Bother?

If you are a florist, I presume your intention is to improve your career as a florist by either selling more flowers from your shop or by improving your reputation in the industry as a florist or floral designer (is there a difference? I don’t know).

OK so firstly – do I think that having a blog is going to help you sell more flowers? Well – this really depends on your strategy.

Blogs are renowned for helping websites to attract more traffic via search engines like Google and Yahoo. However, as you probably know, competition for the first few results (the ones that count) is huge.

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The big companies are all over the concept of “flowers + location”. I live in Belgrave, Victoria and just Googled “flowers Belgrave” now and I got a bunch of very clever corporate websites designed to look like they are in fact local florists (they probably use the local florist Interflora-style, I don’t know). My point is I don’t think blogging is going to magically thrust you to the top of this very highly-sought after pile. Blogging for florists is about playing a different game altogether.

How Blogging Can Help You Market Your Floristry Skills

One the other hand what I do believe blogging can do for any florist willing to put in the time is to build your personal brand as florist within the industry.

By this I mean if you have aspirations to be known as a prominent floral designer with a fabulous jet-setting career then start blogging now and don’t stop because it is going to help you enormously.

However – do it well!

How to Blog Well

Looking around the web I see lots of pretty poorly executed florist blogs, so there is a big opportunity to get some real traction here and stand out from the crowd. Here’s my advice:

  • Use WordPress – this is the best blogging platform hands-down and is very easy to use (almost as easy as Facebook). Forget the rest, (except maybe Tumblr if you are not much of a writer, as it is more about short posts and lots of pictures).
  • Pay a designer to make it look great and a developer to make sure the search engines are going to like it. It’s worth the small investment up front. After that blogging for florists will be cheap as chips to run.
  • Get your developer to host the blog on your own domain – maybe within your store website, depends on your strategy. If your blog address is or some other free option, well then you don’t own the blog and you are married to whatever platform you’ve chosen. Not a great option. Avoid the freebies.
  • Be useful – focus on providing value to others within the niche you are targeting. So if your intention is to build your reputation as a floral designer then don’t just brag about your designs and achievements but also try to show other designers how they can improve their own skills. What you want is to position yourself as an expert. (You don’t have to be THE expert, just AN expert, there’s room for more than one!)
  • Promote your blog within the industry but don’t shove it down people’s throats. Do it in subtle ways like putting the website address in your email signature, on your business cards etc.
  • Post regularly and stick to it. You don’t need to post every day – although a lot of successful bloggers do – once a week is fine. But once you start, don’t stop or it will make you look like a quitter which won’t do your reputation any good.
  • Be patient. Don’t expect an instant standing ovation from the world. It takes time to build an audience.

Building the most stylish, interesting floristry blog in the world: This is an career opportunity waiting to be snatched-up by some motivated, enterprising florist or floral designer as I simply cannot see any florist blogs out there that make the grade in my opinion (if you know of any good ones send me a link to, I’d love to see them).

This is Part 2 in the Series “Online Marketing for FLorists”. Click here for Part 1 & Part 3. Next week we’ll look at Facebook and Twitter and whether they are worth bothering with to promote your floristry business or career.

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Seamus is Tesselaar Flowers' digital marketing manager. He's a creative marketing geek, writer, musician & accidental flower lover. He helps small businesses with websites and web marketing. If you need any help regarding the Tesselaars website you can contact him on


  1. Great to hear your thoughts! I just started a blog on the weekend, which I hope will be a nice place for people to visit not just for seasonal info and images but for tips and design ideas. I too, was really underwhelmed by the existing floral design blogs
    I found.

  2. Starting a blog is a great idea…not just for florists but any other local business. It’s good to have your brand online and work the SEO bit to serve your business well. Absolutely love your tip on being useful to others with your niche. If you are an expert at something, why not share your knowledge with others…it might make up for DIYs as well and people will trust you and your business more.

  3. This is good advice for sure, especially if the florist is capable of making those wow factor bouquets they might even go viral if they make something really unique and trendy!

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