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Branches, Bark & Bamboo

Branches, Bark & Bamboo

Incorporating decorative branches, bark, and bamboo in your floral designs instantly adds a natural, earthy aesthetic. Perfect for use in centerpieces at rustic weddings and events, you can use taller branches to add drama and height, or weave seasonal flowers and foliage into the branches to achieve fullness, movement and texture.  Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, branches, bark, and bamboo are great structural elements to use in modern flower designs.

Dodder Vine


Availability: All year
Stem Count: Bundle
Vase life: Long
Colour range: Green/Brown

Dodder Vine is a very versatile vine, sold as a bundle.  It can be pulled into pieces and used to decorate any floral design adding interest and texture.  Fresh dodder is green/brown in colour and as it dries it changes to a darker brown.

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Availability: Spring
Stem Count: 5 / bunch
Vase life: 7-10 days
Colour range: Pink and white

Blossoms are the flowers of stone fruit trees which appear in springtime.  Most cherry blossoms are pink and almond blossoms are usually white.  Very pretty simply displayed in a tall vase on their own or mixed with other blooms when in season.


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