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Bridal Bouquet Breakdown: Shop Pippa Middleton’s Look

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Pippa Middleton bridal bouquet

Get the hot goss and expert opinion from floral style blogger, Kyla Helgeson, on Pippa Middleton’s wedding flowers including a detailed bridal bouquet breakdown.

Pippa Middleton wedding

First Kiss | Floral Design by Green Parlour Florist | Image by Philip Ide

It was the society wedding of the season and the social media explosion, when Pippa Middleton, sister of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, married James Matthews over the weekend. The couple said ‘I do’ at St Mark’s Church in the village of Englefield in the English county of Berkshire, United Kingdom, then headed onto a private reception in a huge glass marquee on the Middleton’s family estate nearby.

The nuptials were an embodiment of every dream fairytale: beautiful bride, handsome (and wealthy!, I jest) groom, princess couture gown, divine flowers, pretty flower girls and perfect page boys. Everything that exudes class and elegance. So let’s focus on looking at her wedding flowers in detail, her bridal party and ceremony blooms as well as one of the most important floral designs, Pippa’s bridal bouquet.

Bridal Bouquet Breakdown

Before we talk bouquet, let’s just take a moment to pay homage to that dress. Can we call it just a dress? It is really a work of art designed by Giles Deacon, a London fashion designer to the stars including Cate Blanchett and Sarah Jessica Parker. All reports are saying it cost $70,000!

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And here is why with details from the designer himself: “The bespoke silk cotton lace was hand appliqued to create an illusion of the dress having ‘no seams,'” he said. “The lace bodice is embroidered with pearl detailing over an organza and tulle underskirt, which has layer upon layer to enable a floor-sweeping movement. It’s a privilege to show the craftsmanship that my team produces in London and a real testament to Pippa’s support of British fashion.” (reference The Sydney Morning Herald).

bride and groom

Beautiful Bride and Groom | Floral Design by Lavender Green Flowers | Image by Getty Images

Now, with such an exquisite wedding dress, the floral designers job is to complement the gown and not draw too much attention from it. That was no doubt the brief given to Lavender Green Flowers who made Pippa’s sweet petite hand-wired posy. I personally would have made the bouquet a little larger, I think that gorgeous eye-catching gown deserves an equally gorgeous eye-catching bouquet. Even with the bouquet a larger size the two elements still would have balanced and worked together in my opinion.

But even though Pippa’s bouquet was small it packed a punch consisting of a beautiful mix of blooms: white peony, freesia, sweet pea, wax flower, pink astilbe, green bell and alchemilla mollis. You can shop all the flowers from her bridal bouquet by clicking on the links.

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hand wired posy bouquet

Posy Bouquet Breakdown | Floral Design by Lavender Green Flowers | Image by Getty Images

Fairytale Ceremony

The quaint historic church was transformed by local florist Green Parlour. After the ceremony, the newly-weds first kiss was captured under the church entrance archway, which was  decorated with a lavish coverage of pretty pastel-coloured blooms.

floral arch

Floral Archway | Floral Design by Green Parlour Florist | Image by Mark Large/Daily Mail

Inside the church, pillars were covered in flowers and tall wild foliage, creating a pretty English countryside garden effect. I particularly love the inclusion of the large bark pieces standing tall against the pillars to create a tree-like effect. A favourite theme with the sisters, as who could forget the amazing real life trees bought inside Westminster Abbey for Kate’s wedding.

church garden

Church Garden | Floral Design by Green Parlour Florist | Image by Mark Large/Daily Mail

There was so much attention to detail and the architecture of the church was hightlighted through floral elements such as these ring of flowers around the tops of the pillars.

pillar flowers

Floral Pillar | Floral Design by Green Parlour Florist | Image by Mark Large/Daily Mail

In addition, window ledges near the pews were also the perfect platform for even more floral arrangements. Guests would have enjoyed the sweet floral fragrance from where they sat.

window flowers

Window Flowers | Floral Design by Green Parlour Florist | Image by Mark Large/Daily Mail

All the floral arrangements were matching with white and pale pink roses, peonies, astilbe and fresh greenery to adorned every inch inside the church.

garden arrangement

Garden Arrangement | Floral Design by Green Parlour Florist | Image by Mark Large/Daily Mail

Finer Details

The floral design was carried on through to the very front entrance way which was adorned with two matching floral arrangements to give guests and onlookers the idea that something very special was happening inside.

entrance flowers

Entrance Arrangements | Floral Design by Green Parlour Florist | Image by Splash News

While Pippa and James didn’t have any bridesmaids or groomsmen in their bridal party they did have a quite a few lovely little attendants, flower girls and page boys including Pippa’s newphew, Prince George and niece, Princess Charlotte.

flower girl

Flower Girls and Page Boys | Floral Design by Lavender Green Flowers | Image by Kirsty Wigglesworth

Between them, they held sweet traditional items such as rose petal baskets and delicate flower circlets. Sue Barnes from Lavender Green created a unique design of a floral heart for some of the little girls to carry. For these floral hearts they used delicately wired white wax flowers to complement the rest of the wedding party.

floral heart

Floral Hearts | Floral Design by Lavender Green Flowers | Image by Fanton Photography

All the details of this wedding combined to create one of the most elegant and stunning weddings that will be talked about and referenced well into the future. Many of the elements, particularly the bridal party flowers can be used as inspiration for your own wedding day. What did you think? Wedding of the year? Too traditional? Or classic and elegant? Which was your favourite of Pippa’s wedding flowers?

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