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Bridesmaids Flowers: 19 Stunning Ideas For Your Bridal Party

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bridesmaids flowers

There is so much inspiration out there for brides, pinterest boards full of inspiring gorgeous wedding bouquets and floral designs. But what about bridesmaids flowers? What colour should they wear? What bridesmaids dresses should I choose? And what about their flowers?

Well, don’t worry, there are many options and ideas for dresses and how flowers can be carried or worn to accent and complement your wedding style. There are even options that will suit your budget. So read on for some great bridal party ideas and the best 19 pictures of bridesmaids flowers.

Hot Bridal Party Trends

Pastel shades have always been a popular choice for the bridal party, but couples are playing with this concept and having different shades and styles of dress, even completely different fabric and finishes for each person. What is tying the look together is the flowers. Whether it’s with textured garden posies, like this example by Siloh Floral.

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Pretty Bridesmaids | Floral Design by Siloh Floral | Photography by Winsome And Wright

Or posies with lush green foliage and ferns, which shows the other hot trend right now of greenery. I love how this hint of a stronger, bold emerald green ribbon colour contrasts with the pastel dresses but again the flowers pull the look together with the pale shades in the blooms and the green in the ferns and foliage.

garden posies

Garden Posies | Floral Design by Artfully Arranged | Photography by Graham Terhune Photography

On a budget? This look can still be achieved with a few simple stems and green foliage tied with a simple ribbon. These relaxed posy designs by Renaissance Floral Design are very much on-trend this season and as you can see they look fantastic with all colours and shades, like this light blue, green hue.

Blooms Foliage

Simple Blooms with Foliage | Floral Design by Renaissance Floral Design | Photography by Lindsay Madden Photography​

How Many Bridesmaids?

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bridesmaids dresses

Unique Bridesmaids Dresses | Allison Kuhn Photography

This is such an important decision! Who to choose to feature in your wedding day. Consider one of the most important people in your life, such as your sister or best friend who will be your maid or matron of honour. Then think of other important people who will be your bridesmaids. I even saw a wedding recently where the bride asked her grandmother to be a bridesmaid, too cute! Perhaps you have been asked to be a part of one or more wedding days before yours and you want to return the favour. Or your could have so many close friends it makes it hard to choose.

Your overall budget needs some consideration before asking everyone as the number of maids you choose can have a ripple effect. Many brides choose one, two or three maids, but more than that, say 13, like the example above, means 13 dresses, 13 hair do’s, 13 matching shoes and 13 bouquets. Things can quickly start adding up, but how gorgeous do they look, notice all the bridesmaids dresses, hairstyles and bouquets are just slightly different. They look like a beautiful matching bridal party but each girls individual style also shines through.

bridal bouquet

Large Bridal Bouquet | Photography by Greg Finck


Alternatively, you could choose to keep it simple, with only one or two of your family or friends to stand by your side. I love this sweet example where the bridal bouquet is larger and filled with special blooms and the maids are scaled down with simple varieties like gypsophila included.  The dresses, hairstyles and shoes are even more individual here but overall they are still a very sweet set.

Bouquet Style

Round posy bouquets are a classic popular choice for wedding flowers. More often than not, brides carry a larger, fuller, more special floral bouquet, which is an obvious choice as the bride should definitely stand out on her wedding day. Then the girls can carry slightly smaller bouquets in the same style and even the same colour.

bridal party

Pretty Bridal Party | Hello Blue Photo

Or the bride may choose to be the stand out with colour and texture in her floral design with the ladies carrying simple white round floral posies.

bridesmaid bouquets

Simple Bridesmaid Bouquets | Ana Lui Photography

Garden style bouquets are also really popular at the moment. This bridal party are all carrying a similar style and size of bouquet, a textured mix of foliages and flowers and letting the dresses and ribbon colour be the point of difference between everyone.

wedding bouquets

Garden Wedding Bouquets | Image by Kathleen Geiberger Art

Here is a fusion of the two ideas, round floral posy bouquets framed with textured gum foliage to give a more relaxed style. The feature bouquet also has that hint of colour to help hers stand out from the crowd.

bridesmaid flowers

Large Bridesmaid Flowers | Keen and Kind

Another idea that’s a little different, is where the bride carries a full bouquet of blooms and textured foliage and then the maids just carry simple bouquets of matching foliage. This is a great cost effective idea, but as a florist, I’d find it hard to not scatter just a few blooms through the maids posies. I think what makes this idea work so well here, is the bright pop of colour in the dresses and this works against the pink hypericum berry foliage. If you where going to use this idea, I would recommend using foliages that have bright berries or little flowers and textures throughout to add interest.

wedding bouquet

Floral Wedding Bouquet | Katie Pritchard Photography

Colour of Bridesmaids

Many brides spend alot of time picking the accent dress colour. It is an important decision as it can filter through to the styling of not only the floral bouquets but also the ceremony and reception colours as well. Most brides do end up choosing pastels, nudes or classic navy/black. But have you ever considered trying something really fun? Perhaps, bright and bold. I adore this gorgeous example where each person is wearing a bright colour, like red, orange, hot pink and yellow. This gives a great option of having a matching bright floral posy of seasonal blooms in each hot colour.

wedding party

Bright Wedding Party | Image by Eric Kelley

Pastel colours will always be the most popular choice as they are so romantic and beautiful for a wedding. If you are having trouble deciding on one pastel colour, rose, blush pink, cool blue, lavendar or dusty grey, why not just have each girl wear a different shade and then choose floral bouquets that highlight a few colours to bring the whole look together.

pastel flowers

Pastel Flowers | Image by Michael Radford

Even if you choose a colour in the middle, that’s not bright or pastel, one that has a bit of punch like peach, the overall look can be softened with pastel or white blooms or intensified with bright pinks and corals. Here, they have struck a balance using a mix of blooms in bright, soft, white and green tones to give a beautiful bridal party look.

colourful flowers

Cute Colourful Flowers | Kaysha Weiner Photography

I have had a few brides choose a colour like purple and then have each maid wear a different shade of that colour, like aubergine, voilet, indigo and lavendar.  Again, the blooms bring this look together by choosing bouquets that have all these shades included.

bridesmaids dresses

Different Colour Bridemaids Dresses | Pepper Nix Photography

Another great idea, is to have each person carry a different flower variety and colour bouquet. There are no rules, they don’t have to all be the same. But if you wanted to keep one element the same like the colour, I’d recommend a colour that alot of flowers come in like pink or white. One maid could carry pink roses, another pink sweet peas, or pink ranuculi etc. Best to let your florist work with what is in season in your choosen shade. I once created wedding bouquets where each maid had a different single variety of flower and then the bride carried a mixed garden posy design of all those flowers together which I thought was a lovely idea.

posy of flowers

Simple Posy of Flowers | Photography by Zofia & Co.

Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

Even if with all those different bouquet ideas and options for your bridesmaids, you still want something even more special for your girls let’s think outside the square. Flower baskets are a charming idea perhaps for relaxed outdoor weddings.

flower baskets

Flower Baskets | Image by Lara Hotz

Flower crowns are the perfect alternative to bouquets. They are very much in fashion and a gorgeous choice. But don’t think that because less flowers are used than bouquets they must therefore be alot cheaper, flower crowns do take more time to create because each flower should be wired and attached to the crown individually, so less flowers but more labour.

flower crown

Flower Crown | Image by Jasmine Nicole

Wrist corsages would be another great idea and while these do also need wiring they are smaller than a floral crown and use even less blooms so if you have a large bridal party and you are trying to keep costs down, wrist corsages can be great a great choice.

wrist corsages

Wrist Corsage | Image by Lucy G Photography

If budget isn’t an option, why not do both?  A wedding party covered in flowers, bouquets and flower crowns, now that is a gorgeous picture to look back on.

bridal party

Beautiful Bridal Party | Photography by Aaron Delesie

Hopefully there are a few great inspiring ideas in there for your bridemaids flowers. What is the cutest and best idea that you have seen? I would love to hear what other great ideas are out there in the comments below.

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  1. These flowers are gorgeous. I really love the combination of white flowers and blue dresses. I think I found the color of my dream wedding. Thank you so much for this list.

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