There are many different types of wedding flowers. In this article I will take some time to run through a few of the classic variations on the theme. I guess the first thing to consider is what time of year your event is to be held at because if you are getting married in the depths of winter (well, hey, some people do) then obviously the bountiful blooms of spring are not going to be on hand to create the perfect bridal bouquets of your dreams!

roses, one of the most popular types of weddings flowers

Roses, one of the most popular flowers

So yes, availability if a big deal as any experienced florist will soon tell you. We have it easy to get your head around seasonal variation in product via our online shop. If you go up to the menu you will see the option there to “order”, click that and you’ll be taken to our e-commerce facility which also acts as a pricelist with seasonal availability baked in. Or try our wedding flowers pictures in the gallery, same functionality there.

But enough geekery – let’s get back on topic! What different kinds of floral wonders can you utilise in your big, marvelous, fabulous, glamorous day? Well for starters, let us not neglect the rose. The rose is instantly associated with words like “classic” and “high-end”, perhaps even “conservative”. Yet the rose has experienced a renaissance Young hipsters in their twenties are lining up to emulate a kind of Victorian English vibe which is very pretty, simple, humble and feminine. This means that many wedding bouquets involve the standard cottage rose – the David Austin. So popular and for good reason!

In truth there are just so many options that you might like to try incorporating in your creations that it seems silly to list them all here. Anyway, I am willing to bet you’re a visual person anyway, and there’s little chance you would ever read some exhaustive list of flowers in a spreadsheet table, with when they are available and other specific data all in little squinty rows. Best head over to the gallery and drink in the colour!

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