One thing that has always struck me as interesting is the indefatigable tendency in humans to copy each other. New ideas are simply the combination of pre-existing ideas in innovative ways to give birth to creative new forms. Yet despite the amazing depth of sources of ideas out there (especially given the rise of the Internet) people by and large still pretty draw from the same few idea themes and just recycle them around and around ad infinitum.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not being critical here. I am just pointing out something obvious: if you are looking for originality to spice up your big day then you can probably whittle the pool down to a handful of categories or themes and begin innovating there. Because that’s how to be an original thinker, you take some pre-existing ideas and mix n’ match them to come up with something new.

Before we get into ways to come up with original bridal flower ideas, let’s have a bit of a look at some popular (and very much ubiquitous) themes.

Wedding Flowers by Season

Firstly, there is the most prevalent concept – the season that you’re getting married in. A lot of people approach the situation like this: what season am I getting married in? Spring? OK good so let’s go look for wedding flower ideas for spring. And this makes a lot of sense because you know that the weather is likely to be mild, possibly rainy and you know that certain varieties will be available and others won’t. No point getting all hung up on a particular floral beauty if it’s only available from late summer through autumn!

The next most prevalent way to approach the issue is to go down the “what style represents me” road. Again, makes total sense. There’s no way you’re going to choose a bridal bouquet that your mum would love but that in no way whatsoever expresses who you are. So yes, hit the Internet up, collect all the wedding flowers pictures into inspiration boards or just write a list of all of your favourite looks associated with your own personal fashion style.

And now to the fun part – if you want to create some truly original matrimonial concepts then:

  • get some blank cards or cut up some paper into little rectangles
  • and write out on the cards all of the ideas you came up with while going through the above,
  • being sure to break things down to their basic elements.
  • Then add some truly random ideas to another bunch of cards, maybe try using a random word generator online somewhere or get the kids to help (nothing works more random than a child’s unfettered mind).
  • Then mix up all of the cards, pour yourself a wine and start combining them in random combinations.

Sounds strange I know but I assure you it is a really fun way to come up with truly innovative wedding flower ideas for winter or whatever it is you yourself need. Why be boring?

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