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Bulb Flowers, inc Daffodils & Hyacinth

Bulb Flowers, inc Daffodils & Hyacinth

You know spring is around the corner when all the beautiful bulb flowers start to blossom, like daffodils.  Other bulb flowers are more of a winter bloom, like Hyacinth.  Whatever the season, bulb flowers are delightful, interesting and a great choice.



Availability: Spring
Stem Count: 10 / bunch
Vase life: 7-10 days
Colour range: Yellow and white

Daffodils are available in mostly yellow, sometimes white with both single and double flowers.   The flower is shaped like a trumpet on a thin straight stem.  A lovely bright happy bloom.

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Availability: Winter/Spring
Stem Count: 3 / bunch
Vase life: 7-10 days
Colour range: White, pink, purple and blue.

Hyacinths are a true winter flower but the season can start early in Autumn or extend into Spring. Each stem contains masses of individual petite flowers which have a wonderful sweet perfume. They are available in white, pink, purple and blue tones.

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