Florists Tell How to Survive Tough Times

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With a perception that the US economy is in trouble, scenes on the news of civil unrest in England and reports of entire foreign economies on the brink of total collapse, it’s not surprising that Australians have been feeling pretty nervous lately. While Australia has been cushioned from the worst of the international recession thanks to a strong economy, the …

Florists Facebook Marketing Tip 1

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This week as we were sitting in the Tesselaar’s marketing office discussing the ins-and-outs of Facebook marketing tips for florists, the conversation turned to ways to keep your flower shop Facebook page clear of any spammy marketing rubbish.

3 Steps To Get Your Floristry Business In The Local Newspaper

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Have you ever considered promoting your floristry business in the local newspaper? If you have but are not sure that you have anything newsworthy enough for the papers to report on, then please think again. Look at these three local paper stories I found about florists: Florist Newspaper Story 1: Florists Get Busy on Mother’s Day Florist Newspaper Story 2: …

It is Time to Let the Cat Out of the Bag

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Over the last 6 months as we’ve launched our new website and our Facebook page, we have been a little circumspect as to our real intentions. Yesterday, however, the marketing team (me, Charlie and Tesselaar CEO, Steve) decided it was time to stop being shy and just tell it like it is. So here it is: we have a plan …

Un-Boring Business Planning For Creative People

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A Creative Business Plan Vs. Traditional A traditional business plan is long, boring and chock-full of graphs, financial projections and business terminology. Are you the kind of person who finds the idea of writing one of these utterly unappealing? Me too, so here’s a more refreshing approach to business planning for creative people – the Creative Business Plan.