Are You Making These 3 Florist Website Mistakes?

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Are you making these 3 common florist website mistakes? If so, you could be turning off potential customers and losing sales. As I’ve tip-toed through the virtual tulips over the years, I must have looked at thousands of florist websites and I very often see 3 big mistakes being made over and over again – mistakes that if you are …

Florist Interview: Rebecca Stacey from Canary Jane’s Flowers

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While compiling the florist directory, I came across an unusually themed florist shop from Hawthorn, Melbourne called Canary Jane’s Flowers. Named after the proprietor, Rebecca Stacey’s, lifelong obsession with Doris Day, the movie Calamity Jane, and in general, all things vintage, the shop is decked out like a 1950’s kitchen, black and white checkerboard flooring and all.

10 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Florists

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Mother’s Day is a-coming and of course this is always a busy time for florists. Because it’s so busy, you may never have considered doing any marketing for this day, however there is a good argument that you should use the momentum of Mother’s Day to: grab as much “market share” as you can on the day. This means winning …

Flower Photography for Florists

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Many florists find flower photography a challenge so here are some quick pointers that will get you going in the right direction. Conventional wisdom has it taking good pictures is all about how good the camera is. Camera companies would also like you to believe this. Actually pictures are all about light. The camera just records the light.

11 More Fabulous Florist Websites

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I have been doing a lot of research into what makes the best florist websites and one thing is for sure – you need lots of lovely photos of your floral design. Websites thrive on photos, especially in the florist industry. Maybe you are thinking of launching or re-launching your own florist website so to help you I thought I …