Simple SEO for Florists

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Recently a florist asked me the following: “I am a florist with a floral design studio inNewHaven and East Haven CT and I am having a hard time getting found by “funeral florist” or “funeral flowers” on Google. Any suggestions to improve my visibility?” This florist has a “Search Engine Optimisation” (SEO) problem. SEO means “Get Seen On Google”. SEO …

Real Florists Thriving During Winter: How They Do It

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So Mother’s Day has been and gone and we are sinking slowly into a long, frosty winter. Listening to the conversations our sales staff are having with florists around the country, it sounds like quite a few florists are struggling to deal with the trade drop off that occurs at this time of year. It can be very depressing looking …

How to Attract New Customers to Your Flower Shop

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Need more customers for your flower store? If so, here are some suggestions about how to make your florist shop come alive and get that sales register ringing! First – ask yourself why the shop is too quiet and give yourself the honest answer. Is it really because of the economy? Or is it because: your florist shop is in …

10 Fabulous Aussie Florist Websites

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While I am often to be found preaching how florists need great florist websites in the new digital era, truth is this is not necessarily news to many florists!!! Many florists already have themselves fine floral websites up and working for them. Looking through our florist website listings here on our own site, I was struck by some of the …

Pinterest for Florists

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As of 2012, Pinterest is officially hot property. Cue one million “Pinterest for florists” how-to blog posts about using Pinterest to drive traffic to your florist website, sell more flowers, become an Internet floristry superstar, yadda, yadda, yadda… Q. What is Pinterest? A. Catnip for Brides I first heard about Pinterest about 6 months ago when a florist mentioned it …

How to be a Small Business Facebook Superstar

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Facebook is where people are at these days. If you do it right, you can sell more flowers or get more weddings and events clients. If you do it wrong, well, hate to say it, but you’re just wasting time. Good news is – it’s not that hard. Here’s my opinion on how to be a small business Facebook superstar:

How To Make Super-Easy Facebook Landing Pages That Look Great

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You have probably seen companies that have awesome looking Facebook landing pages and wished you could have one too – but maybe you’re not up for spending a couple of grand on it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do it yourself even though you don’t know how to code up web pages? Guess what? You can! I just …