Should Florists Use Group Buying Coupon Sites?

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If you are the owner or manager of a florist shop, then the quiet months of winter are a great time to think about how you can promote your business to the flower buying public. One marketing option that may tempt you is the red-hot new group buying coupon trend.

7 Ways Florists Can Attract Local Customers Online

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A few years ago most florists and other bricks and mortar businesses did not need to think about online marketing all that much. After all – what was the point? If a potential customer in your area typed “flowers” into Google five years ago they would probably have just seen the big online florists and a bunch of other non-local …

The Rock Star Florist

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Last week we discussed the McFlorists Model whereby systems are put in place to grow your business in replicable, consistent ways that do not rely on you and your skills to continue to function. Today I want to talk about the other end of the spectrum: the Rock Star Florist model. 2016 UPDATE: RockStar Florists is now Australia’s #1 Floristry …

The McFlorists Model for World Domination

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If you own your own florists shop, or help manage one, then you probably struggle with some very common small business issues, mainly: •   how to get everything done without losing the plot •   how to make a tidy profit while you’re at it. These issues relate to the idea of florists wanting to “grow your business”. If your business grows in …

Facebook and Twitter for Florists – Worth the Bother?

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Facebook and Twitter for florists: a post detailing how to use these two social media giants to promote your floristry business. Well, kind of…. About a month ago my dear old Grandma went into hospital for a major operation. Now, I hardly ever send flowers, sad but true, but in this case I was moved to. So after deciding this, …

Blogging For Florists

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Blogging for florists is an under-developed field resplendent with opportunity for the enterprising florist.  A static website with a catalogue is one thing – including a blog into the bargain is another. In today’s post I will look at whether or not blogging is worth doing if you are a florist with a single flower shop.

Online Marketing for Florists: A Website You Won’t Regret

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You have probably noticed that there’s this cool new thing called the Internet, great for sending Mum pictures of the grandkids and for buying concert tickets and whatnot – but are you aware that every time you fidget in your chair waiting for that damn page to download already you’re actually staring at the biggest marketing opportunity you’ve ever seen? …

Local Area Marketing for Florists

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Before we talk about “local area marketing”, let’s think for a moment about plain old “marketing”. The word “marketing” is not just another word for “advertising”, which can be expensive and ineffective. People only seek out things when they have identified a need or want. The trick is to establish a good impression so that when they need flowers they …

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3 Unusual Marketing Ideas For Florists

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Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out from the Pack – Part 1 We all know that it makes good horse-sense to find a little bit of time to get out there and do some marketing to promote your business. The trouble is most small business owners aren’t marketing people, so they all tend to do the same boring things as …