40 Hilarious Bridal Bouquet Toss Photos

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Check out this Pinterest board of 40 hilarious bridal bouquet toss photos. Maybe we should make this a category in our 2013 Wedding Flowers Comp? There’s something quite Aussie Rules about it really! Funny that this is what they end up doing with the flowers after all the florist’s hard work!

Finding Your Wedding Flowers Inspiration

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If your wedding flowers are designed with your input and tastes in mind by an inspirational floral designer then they should be so fabulous as to steal the hearts of everyone who lines the aisle on your big day. But how to communicate the essence of your style and taste to your wedding floral designer? Well, what are your major …

Wedding Flowers: How To Make Your Wedding Unique

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Wedding flowers are, if you think about it, one of the most creative options you have to make your wedding venue utterly unique and stand-out special. The venue is hired by a different wedding party every week and is more or less unchanging, as wonderful as it may be, but your flowers give it a new face every time. That’s …

Florists Speak: What’s New this Wedding Season

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Well it feels like spring has sprung already this last week (at least here in Melbourne) and along with extra sunshine and smiles all around we have also begun to hear the “W” word more and more! September’s nearly here and it’s action stations yet again as the wedding season kicks off. But what are the brides asking for this …