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The Great Australian Flower Market Roundup: 1 Woman, 4 Cities and 8 Australian Flower Markets!

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We’re sure you will love the following EPIC guest post by Felicity McNaught, of Adroit Studio, detailing Felicity’s adventurous, whirlwind trip around Australia, visiting a total of eight wholesale flower markets in four different cities! Flower markets – seriously, what’s not to love? If you just luuuurve beautiful blooms and bargain prices in equal measure, chances are you’ve already checked out what’s …

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Flower Bundle: Lemon Meringue

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  Normal Price $104.25 Bundle Price $99.75 Save $4.50 1 x Arum Lily 1 x Magnolia Little Gem 1 x Palonia 1 x Bullrush 1 x Ping Pong Chrys 1 x Sim 1 x Stock 1 x Tulip 1 x Rose 1 x Earlicheer 1 x Hyacinth NOTE: Only available for Monbulk Warehouse customers. All prices quoted do not include …

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Flower Bundle: Siamese Dream

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  Normal Price $141.25 Bundle Price $130.75 Save $10.50 1 x Bamboo (x5) 1 x Gerbera AA 1 x Tulip 1 x Molluca Balm 1 x Swan Flower 1 x Sim 1 x Little Gem Magnolia 1 x Calla Lily 1 x Rose 1 x Vanda 1 x G/H Chrys 1 x Ping Pong Chrys NOTE: Only available for Monbulk …

Flower Delivery – and how we charge freight

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Here at Tesselaar Flowers, we price flowers delivered. Except for very small orders where an extra delivery fee may be incurred, prices quoted are either for ‘pick up’ at our warehouse or delivered to your account address. Many suppliers ‘add freight’ as a line on the invoice because they do not know what the cost of the freight will be …

David Austin Roses Smell So Sweet!

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David Austin Roses – who doesn’t love ’em? Today the resident flower lovers here at Tesselaars Monbulk were agog at the exciting flowers we were preparing to send off to the Chapel Designer’s workshop in NSW. Included in the mix were some unseasonal David Austins, due to the warm weather late this autumn and various other lovely wholesale wedding flowers. …

Cut Flowers from our Monbulk Warehouse

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Working here at the Monbulk wholesale cut flowers warehouse in the Dandenong Ranges has many perks: driving to work through the magnificent tall trees of the Sherbrooke Forest, looking out my office window over the colourful flower fields and last but not least – the cut flowers themselves! Today Rose and I grabbed a camera and took some snaps. We …

Wholesale Flowers Online: A Few Unusual Examples

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You won’t find wholesale flowers online like these anywhere else! These are some of the more beautiful and unusual wholesale flower offerings we have this week in our warehouses. How about those Strawberry Fields – we absolutely love ’em! And the purple Callicarpa is such a great colour, they just came in season so hopefully they will be around now …

Better Flowers – even in 40 degree heat!

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Here at Tesselaars, we have the best cool-chain systems in Australia, so your wholesale flowers stay cold, fresh and sterile which means they last longer. Today it’s tipped to be a scorching 40 degrees in Melbourne, 43 in Adelaide and plenty hot elsewhere – and that is exactly why Tesselaar Flowers can deliver better flowers! Here’s Why Our Flowers Last …