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Christmas Flower Ideas: 5 Festive Tables

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christmas flowers

Eeek! Christmas is only a few days away! Are you hosting family for Christmas lunch or friends for a Christmas party?  Did you put your hand up eagerly, sheepishly or is it just simply your turn?  Whatever the case, if you are anything like me you freak out a little at the thought of all the cleaning and getting things ready around the house for guests, but also delight and relish the opportunity to be creative and display Christmas flowers.

For me I think the table is always the most important.  I love to create beautiful festive tablescapes.  Tablescapes can be created using a wide variety of items, fresh flowers, foliage, succulents, fruits, decorations, the list is endless. So don’t panic, take a breath, grab a cuppa and let’s look at 5 festive tables with Christmas flower ideas that are simple, effective and will ‘wow’ your family and friends.

Go Green

Foliage garlands have been an incredibly popular wedding trend this year, so it’s only natural that this style flows over to other events and celebrations like Christmas. I think it is a great option, especially for the Australian festive season, which is often filled with hot sweltering summer days. So by using foliage, particularly beautiful native foliages, like eucalyptus, you can create a display that will hold up all day.

christmas flowers

Foliage Garlands | Images via Pinterest

Here is a similar foliage garland example but this time using a combination of traditional lush green foliages and even a little touch of red hypericum berry.  It just shows that this look can be created using whatever foliage is available to you.  For a design, such as this, where softer green foliage is placed directly on the table and not in water, it is best to create it last minute on the day, particularly if your table is outside.

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foliage garland

Traditional Green Garland | Floral Design by La Petite Fleur Glendora | Image by Hello Blue Photo

Bright, Festive and Fun

Adding simple colourful flowers like gerberas or chrysanthemums to your garlands adds a festive flair. Depending on your budget, you could have this running the length of the table or just have a shorter floral garland in the middle of the table. You can also leave gaps in the garland to leave room for platters of food and bottles of wine, chin-chin!

bright flowers

Bright and Fun | Floral Design by Papertini | Image by With Love & Embers

Remember, Christmas colours don’t have to be red, green and white. They can be more playful and fun, like this hot pink, orange and yellow example from Raven and the Rose. Gold cutlery would add that bit of glamour and festive flair. This look would be great for a Christmas party.

colourful flowers

Colourful Flowers | Floral Design by Flowers Raven and the Rose | Image by Katie Harmsworth

A Twist on the Traditional

Red is such a traditional and popular choice for decorating Christmas tables.  It is often paired with green and white, but have you ever considered creating a Christmas table with a little twist?  Perhaps you have a blue table cloth or runner left over from a child’s birthday party, why not use it again for Christmas?  Use blue as your base and blue flowers like sea holly, delphinium and blue hydrangea.  Adding silver to this tablescape, silver lanterns, silver candle holders, silver baubles will create a festive feel that is a little different.

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blue hydrangea

Blue and Silver | Images via Pinterest

Easy and Eclectic

I love this relaxed setting and the idea that Christmas lunch could be served on a low table with guests sitting on cushions on the floor.  A great solution to those who don’t have enough chairs for all your guests!  It’s also an easy transition from huge meal in the middle of the day to an afternoon nap!  The carefree floral design, plus adding red apples for Christmas colour and even the placement of the knives and forks at this table give a relaxed holiday vibe.

eclectic design

Eclectic Christmas Tablescape | Floral Design by Twigg Botanicals | Image by Merrily Roberts Photography

Simple and Sweet

Now to a few more simple ideas that look great and are cost effective too.  Perhaps you have a garden with succulents that can be cut and placed in vintage glass scattered along the table.  These will hold up beautifully on an outdoor table.  You could even use them as place settings adding a little ribbon and tag for each guest’s name.  They would make great gifts for your guests too.


Simple and Sweet | Floral Design by Fifty Flowers | Image by Jose Villa Photography

What could be more simple and environmentally friendly than decorating your table with locally grown native flowers in recycled vessels. This Australiana theme is the look I am personally loving this year. On my front door I have a simple wreath base that I reuse every year and this year I have decorated it with seeded eucalptus leaves (that will dry) tied with hessian and twine.

native flowers

Native Flowers | Image by Studio Something

How are you decorating your Christmas table?  Do you love traditional red and green tablescapes?  Or have you been inspired to try something different this year?  Happy creating and happy holidays!

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