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Chrysanthemums for Mother’s Day: 5 Fabulous Varieties

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Floral style blogger (and mum), Kyla Helgeson, guides us through the colourful world of chrysanthemums: the Queen of all Mothers Day flowers.
Sunday May 14th is Mother’s Day, hooray! It’s the one day of the year that I get, drumroll please….. breakfast in bed!
Honestly, it is my favourite thing: a little lay in and the time to wake up, have a coffee and a croissant and ease into the day (instead of the other 364 days of the year where I stumble out of bed before I am even fully awake to fullfill the needs of my little people).
When I hear the words Mother’s Day, my first thought (after breakfast in bed) is chrysanthemums. There are so many beautiful varieties of chrysanthemums as you can see in our chrysanthemum flower gallery.

Chrysanthemums | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

I am also thinking about what to get my Mum for Mother’s Day … and the answer is of course: flowers! There is no doubt that they are the perfect gift for such a lovely person in your life.

Being that chrysanthemums are the signature flower for this occasion, I thought it would be best to look at the different varieties and colours available so you know what to ask for at your local florist when ordering. And remember to order in advance, it is the biggest and busiest day of the year in the flower calendar!

mum's day flowers

Mother’s Day Flowers | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

Disbud Chrysanthemums

These are the big ones, the big blooms with one large flower per stem. The chrysanthemum plant usually produces side spray flowers, but when the plant is young, these buds are removed leaving one long stem that produces one large flower. All the energy from the plant is directed into the bloom which grows to the large size, on average 10cm diameter. Hence the name dis-bud.


Disbudding Disbuds | Image by Longwood Gardens

Locally grown varieties are available in beautiful natural colours such as white, cream, yellow, mauve, gold, pale pink and mid pink.


Disbud Chrysanthemum | Left Image via Wedding Chicks | Right Image by Tesselaar Flowers

The brighter colours that you may see around the place, like hot pink and blue, are chrysanthemums that have been dyed. Look how amazing these blue beauties are! Something different to give Mum.

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blue dyed disbuds

Blue Dyed Disbud Chyrsanthemums | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

Pom Pom Chrysanthemums

Petals of the disbuds can differ, some have tight petals, some have loose petals and some have curled petals. People often mistake disbud chrysanthemums for dahlias and vice versa, as they do look similar. There is a variety of disbud chrysanthemum with tight petals that form a distinctive ball shape that has been affectionately named pom pom chrysanthemums. They literally look like flower balls. Whenever I am working with them my kids are fasinated by their shape and so am I!

pom pom flowers

Pom Pom Chrysanthemums | Image via Polka Dot Bride

Available in only a few colours mainly white, pinks and mauves, these are proving to be a unique and popular choice for bridal bouquets also. As you can see when teamed with other soft petalled blooms like sweet peas and ranunculi they give a beautiful textured contrast.

pom pom flower bouquet

Pom Pom Bouquet | Image via Polka Dot Bride

Spider Chrysanthemums

Spider chrysanthemums are another popular disbud variety, aptly named becasue their long thin petals give a spikey appearance or look like the legs of a spider. These are very unique and distinctive looking chrysanthemums, perhaps not loved by all, but I quite like the green ones.

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green spider

Green Spider Chrysanthemum | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

Daisy Chrysanthemums

Now to smaller sized chrysanthemums, daisy chrysanthemums. These cute little flowers have been garden favorites, loved by generations. They love the sun and bloom in summer and autumn and are available in a huge range of colours.

white daisies

Classic White Daisies | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

These stems produce several flowers and they are very hearty and have a strong distinctive scent. Great in the garden and great as a cut flower, either as a simple bunch on their own or scattered through a mixed arrangement.

daisy chrissies

Daisy Chrysanthemum | Floral Design by Bella In Bloom | Left Image by Tesselaar Flowers | Right Image by Lucinda May Photography

Button Chrysanthemums

Finally there is the very cute, very sweet, little button chrysanthemums. Most people would be familiar with them having seen the lime green ones that tend to standout in any flower arrangement. They may be small, but they pack a punch!

button chrysanthmum

Green Button Chrysanthmum | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

There are other colours of button chrysanthemums available including whites, yellows, pinks and mauves. How pretty do they look here in this seasonal bouquet by Aphrodite’s Weddings, Mum would just love them.

mother's day bouquet

Mother’s Day Bouquet | Floral Design by Aphrodite’s Weddings

Another great reason to buy fresh chrysanthemum flowers for Mum is because they are a very long lasting bloom, often you can get up to two weeks from these impressive flowers, so that’s great value! They are simple and easy to condition at home, just strip the leaves from the bottom half of the stem (the part of the stem that will sit in water), recut the stems on an angle and place in a clean vase of water. Try and refresh the water every few days and enjoy! Happy Mother’s Day to all, I hope you all get brekkie in bed, even if it’s cold coffee and burnt toast! Xx


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