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Working here at the Monbulk wholesale cut flowers warehouse in the Dandenong Ranges has many perks: driving to work through the magnificent tall trees of the Sherbrooke Forest, looking out my office window over the colourful flower fields and last but not least – the cut flowers themselves!

Today Rose and I grabbed a camera and took some snaps. We found Kale, Dryandra, Queene Anne Lace (please, not cow’s parsley, how insulting), Erica (not sure what her surname is) and a lovely, tasty-sounding variety called Ice Cream Tulips – enjoy!

cut flowers Kale

Cut Flowers: Kale

Green and purple Kale

Green and purple Kale

Ice cream tulips

Ice cream tulips!

ice cream tulips - lovely new variety of cut flower

ice cream tulips – lovely new variety of cut flower

ice cream tulips cut flowers

mmmm … ice cream tulips…

Cut flowers, Erica be thy name...

Cut flowers, Erica be thy name…



Erica flowers up close

Erica is just as pretty up close!

Queen Anne lace

Queen Anne lace

cow parsely queen anne lace

Cow parsley – also known as Queen Anne Lace (much more dignified, don’t you think?)


Dryandra (Rose thinks this sounds like a character from Game of Thrones)



Dyandra, posing nicely for the camera

Dryandra, posing nicely for the camera

Kale flowers rock

Kale rocks.

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