Always at the forefront of technological progress, Tesselaar Flowers use special Procona buckets for long distance travel to ensure flowers remain fresh for the duration of delivery.

Tesselaar's Wholesale Flowers Last Longer

Used in most daily wholesale flower deliveries, Procona buckets keep orders hydrated in fresh water and safe from damage for the duration of the journey. This means you receive better quality, post-harvest-treated, longer-lasting flowers. Procona buckets also save you time, removing the need to unwrap and replace wet paper, and all purchases are guaranteed, eliminating the risk of faulty delivery.

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We Get It There Fresh

In addition, Tesselaar customers benefit from price and availability advantages that only direct supply from grower to wholesaler can provide, as well as the convenience of personalised Tesselaar service. Tesselaar customers also receive up-to-date access to warehouse availability lists, weekly specials, and a product range that is continually updated to provide maximum choice.


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