Event flowers wholesale for Australian event planners, florists & wedding coordinators. A reliable supplier of quality event flowers nationwide.

Here at Tesselaar Flowers we’ve specialised in event flowers for many years, supplying wholesale flowers to the best names around the country.

You will find the quality of our floral stock is second to none. This is because we take great pride in our products and service, sourcing only the finest stock. We then care for these flowers as only the experts know how. This means that if you order your event flowers from us, you’ll rest assured that not only will your delivery come on time, but the flowers will be in peak condition on the big night.

event flowers

Event Flowers

Your Best Option For Event Flowers

The factors that make Tesselaars the obvious choice when choosing your event flowers supplier are:

  • Our logistics network, enabling us to deliver overnight and fresh – not only within all of the major capital cities – but also to the corners of the nation (where the others just can’t reach)
  • Our superior flower quality and care
  • Our down-to-earth, friendly customer service. We get to know our customers and treat them as we’d like to be treated ourselves
  • Imported and hard to find varieties.
  • Our products and services are fully-guaranteed. If you’re not happy, we’ll fix it or your money back.
  • Our popular Flower Bundles – carefully selected ranges of complimentary florals and foliage, colour-toned to reduce wastage. These florist-selected themes style together effortlessly and are designed to make ordering your event flowers easy. They’re a no-brainer!
Event Flowers Nationwide

Event Flowers Nationwide

How To Order Your Event Flowers

Ordering with us is a breeze. First step is to apply for a commercial account, once that’s been given the all clear you can either order with our super-friendly, expert team or you can log in and buy your flowers here through this website, any time of the day or night. Accessing your online account also allows you to view your historical statements, see what’s actually in stock (in real time) and view photos of the flowers as you order, so you know what you’re getting!

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Flowers pictured (from top): Arlene Dodson, AD Artistry, Carina & Brooke Russell, Roses Only, Sydney

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