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Like floral design, fashion is an art form no matter how you look at it – someone comes up with an idea and brings it to fruition.

Recently I was lucky enough to be that person whose ideas got to come to life on the runway of International Fashion Week.

I had the absolute pleasure of opening the Ethical Designers Show. For the most part these pieces were created in my studio.

floral fashion rockin' the catwalk

floral fashion rockin’ the catwalk

Floral Fashion #1: Gumnut Body Armour

The Gumnut Body Armour was meticulously placed and glued in my studio the night before the show – or should I say into the early hours of the morning! I wanted to create something that was beautiful and fresh but had a hardness to it. It ended up being my favourite piece.

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Floral fashion by Julia Rose

Floral fashion by Julia Rose


Floral Fashion #2: Floral Tutu

The tutu … well that was a divine creation in its own, again instead of going with traditional “fluffy look” I wanted to create Art, so something that did not necessarily fit into the square of what it was meant to be.

This piece was made to last; I knew there was no way I could create all three on the evening. I twisted and manipulated chicken wire to hold my oasis and built the design into that.

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It was gorgeous with its collection of hard and unusual shapes including aloe, succulents, cordifolium mixed amongst a few other little odd-shaped flowers all on a moss base.

This piece easily weighed 20kg!

Fab floral fashion!

Fab floral fashion!


Floral Fashion #3: Mini-Floral Gown

Last but not least…the mini floral gown which everyone loved, as it was gorgeous, pretty and flowery! 

Designed onsite, it took me 3+ hours (as I had slightly pre-based). I used native hanging greenery and ferns to add drama and a natural flow to the gown.

Creating this piece in a mixture of pinks and whites, as it was meant to be “pretty” and as we all know pink and white is always pretty in anyone’s eyes!

I mixed beautiful little roses, polaris chrysanthemums, a touch of purple statice to lift and add texture.


pretty pink floral fashion

pretty pink floral fashion

I hope you enjoying my pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them!!


julia rose floral fashion

Floral fashion in the limelight!


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  1. Love it! Wearing flowers looks great and brings us back to nature wherever we go. At 20 kg it gives a workout too! Ha, maybe not the most practical, but I like it anyways.

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