Contact Name: Kim Trenberth

Florist Business Name: Plumm Wood

joondanna florist plumm wood



Address: Joondanna, 6060

Do you do weddings? Yes

Established: 2016

Do you deliver? Yes

Service areas:

Central and Northern Perth (see website for full list)- but requests for delivery to other areas are welcome for an additional cost.

All About Joondanna Florist, Plumm Wood

Plumm Wood evolved out of a longing to create dark and whimsical, yet strong designs – often challenging what is considered to be feminine or masculine in terms of design. My own personal style is often reflected in the more structural and slightly stranger pieces – and I hope to be able to provide every day bouquets, bridal party designs, arrangements and installations for people who want something spectacular.
I find solace in the dark and tiny corners of gardens, the intricate and almost alien patterns in the smallest details of flowers, the soft rush of nostalgia when I snap branches and crunch leaves under my shoes…these are all things that flow out of myself and into my designs, and I hope others also feel some sense of wonder when they come across my work.