Contact Name: Katy Tomlinson

Florist Business Name: Sunflower Florist Mooloolaba

sunshine coast mooloolabaflorist

Phone: 07 53096634 | 0413859014



Address: 12/34 River Esplanade, Mooloolaba 4557

Do you do weddings? Yes

Established: 2017

Do you deliver? Yes

Service areas:

All Sunshine Coast Suburbs. 4573, 4575, 4551, 4558, 4556, 4557, 4560, 4564, 4567, 4572, 4565, 4559

All About Sunflower Florist Mooloolaba

Hello, my name is Katy Tomlinson,
On the 1st July this year I opened my own business on the River Esplanade of Mooloolaba at age 20. After growing up on the Sunshine Coast, I’ve always known that I wanted to help give back to our beautiful community after everything it’s offered me growing up. From sports teams to academic teams I feel I’ve tested most of the waters around here, before finally deciding after school to persue my dream career of floristry and open my own business.

This has been such a huge and scary step for me, being so young and fresh out of an apprenticeship I don’t have much financial support behind me. Therefore, to start up the shop I reached out to the local community via Facebook (‘Sunny Coast Community Board’) in search of local craftsmen to help fill my store with beautiful, locally, hand-made gifts. It feels nice to know that my still humble business is also helping out so many (11) other small business owners to help their dreams come true as well. Not only are my gifts sourced locally, but also my flowers are all sourced as locally as possible also.

Being new to the industry I feel I have a lot to offer to it, starting with a slightly different vision of what floristry should be. For example, I’m planning on cutting all plastic wraps and finding re-usable, re-cycable and biodegradable alternatives in all aspects of the job. By sourcing everything locally I keep my eco-footprint as small as I can and keep most money I earn and spend within the local community. I keep my prices as low and as fair as possible to cut the stigma that flowers and the beautiful gifts in a florist store are only for the wealthy, I want all members of the community to feel welcome in my store. I even a have a whole chalk-board wall for children to play with whilst they wait with their parents. Lastly, I like to offer special offers to people who need it most. I can also do weddings, funerals, corporate events and/or arrangements. I service a few local hotel’s in my area already.

Thank you so much for your time, I’m looking forward to hearing back from you!

Kind regards,
Katy Tomlinson