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For Careers In:

  • Retail & Franchise
  • Sole Trader
  • Floral Styling & Design


  • Certificate in Floristry
  • Advanced Certificate in Floristry

About ICI
The International Career Institute has been providing floristry courses to students throughout Australia and globally since 2009. Courses are accredited by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC). Students are provided tutorial support and the school offers interest free payment plans.

If you are good with dealing with people, creative and enjoy putting colours together you are more then likely suited for a career in floristry. Careers range from running your own florist shop (online or shopfront) to providing floristry services directly to special events coordinators, weddings, meetings and conventions providers, churches and various corporate offices. Naturally you may also find employment within an existing floristry in your local area. 1 in 5 floral designers where self employed in the past year according the national statistics.

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Online Floristry Course delivered by the International Career Institute

  • When learning to become a florist, the essential aspects you will need to learn are:
  • The best flowers for each season - Depending on the time of year someone is getting married, certain flowers will be in season and at their best. As a wedding florist you’ll be able to guide the happy couple to select in-season flowers that suit their style, colour palette and theme.
  • A variety of flowers and plants – Different plants are also used in wedding floristry, and so it’s important for you to know what they are and how to use them to best effect. The same goes for certain flowers that always seem to remain a popular choice for bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements. Different arrangements require different floral elements, and every florist needs to know what sort of flowers will look best to use for boutonnieres, bouquets and table centerpieces.
  • How to make each type of wedding flower arrangement – While artistic ability and creative flair play a major role in wedding floristry, you also need to know the basic elements of design required for each different type of arrangement.
  • How to store flowers – Different species of flowers need to be stored in specific ways to remain fresh and to prevent them from wilting. This is one of the more technical aspects of your course, and so will require a good education-basis.
  • Dealing with clients - As a wedding florist, your job is to bring the vision of the bride and groom to life. It’s therefore important for you to learn the important skills needed to ask the right questions to find out exactly what your clients want, as well as how to deduce and negotiate price.
  • Setting up and taking away your floral designs – As a wedding florist, you’ll be required to deliver your flowers and set them up at the designated venues. You’ll also need to return and take them down in some cases, and this will require liaising with venue staff or the wedding event planner.
  • The importance of having an online presence, and how to go about setting this up - Today it’s absolutely essential to have an online presence that allows you to showcase your work to customers, and give them ideas about the type of wedding floral arrangements you can offer them. Most couples will start their search online when looking for their wedding florist, so having a searchable website is of paramount importance.