Florists Chat About Alternative Valentine’s Day Arrangements

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We got a pretty good conversation going on Facebook yesterday amongst florists about alternative Valentine’s Day floral arrangements for the “non-mainstream” lady. Have reprinted it here in slightly edited form for those of you who missed that, maybe it will be helpful for you. (Have omitted names.)


alternative valentine's day


Tesselaars: “Valentine’s Day Marketing idea for florists – convince the man with the cynical, non-mainstream partner that in fact she WOULD appreciate some flowers – just not the run-of-the-mill stuff like red roses and teddy bears. What Alternative Valentine’s Day Arrangements could you suggest instead?”

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“White oriental lillies, as they are elegant and smell amazing :)”

“Are anthuriums too obvious?”

“anthuriums & tight pink roses rock my boat! They are a lovely choice “

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“The colour meaning of the rose… white – that she is pure, Orange that you admire her, Yellow for an everlasting friendship…”

“Alternative Model Nafrayou LOVES PINK Oriental Liliums the Best – you wouldn’t want to Faux pas! “

“A mix of all deep red flowers in a modern container with loads of bling (diamanté pins, gold glitter spray, wire, Angels hair. Opulence and themed!”

“I’ve asked the girlz -Lilies, peonies, calla lilies, waterlilies,Gardina’s, flannel flowers, roses, hydrangeas & daisies, soft pink is the favoured colour, then soft blue & mauves. “

“Flowers can have their own WOW factor without bling :)”

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