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How Florists Can Encourage More Men To Buy Flowers

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How can you take a man from thinking briefly “Maybe I should buy flowers for the wife” to “I AM going to buy these flowers”?

You have to tap into his basic psychological need for external validation.

You have to communicate to the man that his wife (mother, daughter, etc) will be so happy with him for buying those flowers that he will totally be in the good books with the ladies in his life. The wife will welcome him home with open arms; the daughter will look after him when he gets old and infirm – and all because they bought them flowers, spontaneously, on those days when you really need the extra sales.

Man Buying Flowers

How do you communicate this though? Well think about classic flower ad signage – they show a visual story of people (usually women) receiving flowers from a man, their faces lit up with pleasure (the pleasure of external validation). Get the message across that by validating others you yourself gain validation.

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Show Him How the Pain of NOT Buying Flowers Is Worse

People will only take a difficult action (like spending hard-earned dollars on a big bunch of flowers) if they are convinced that the pain of NOT taking the action will be worse than the pain of taking the action. It is very easy for the man on the street who briefly notices your storefront to think “Shall I? … nah, I’m in a hurry”. Why does he do this? Because he does not particularly want to deviate from his routine.

He might walk past your shop every day and never stop to buy his wife a beautiful bouquet simply because he hasn’t been made aware of the pain he is inflicting on himself by not doing so.

Meanwhile, his wife, growing bored of his unromantic ways, the lack of spontaneity in their lives, withdraws, setting off alarm bells in the man’s mind. Warning: Rejection! Rejection!

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“Why does she do this?” he asks himself, so he works harder, makes sure they have all the mod-cons, that her car works perfectly, that the wolf is kept well and truly from the door, meanwhile, she is bored. At least a wolf at the door would be exciting!

“Why doesn’t he do anything romantic like he used to?” she wonders, “Maybe he just doesn’t find me as attractive as he used to.” So to protect herself, she withdraws. Warning: Rejection! Rejection!


So Here’s Where YOU, Dear Florist, Step In!

How do you make him realise that the small pain of breaking his routine and forking out $50 for a bouquet is a cure for the big pain of his wife’s rejection?

Well, men are not as impressed with subtlety as ladies are, generally speaking, so how about a photo of a good-looking lady throwing her flower-laden arms around her man in a fit of delight? Leg suggestively kicked up at the back?

Or how about a blackboard propped above a display of ready-to-go flowers that simply says:

Say “Yes” to us now and she’ll say “Yes” to you tonight!”


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  1. It is part of the chase. We had sooo many comments at VD about flowers before they got married. My friends say the same ‘I used to get flowers, then we got married…’ very interesting article, got me thinking Seamus! 🙂

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