Florists Publicising Themselves With Panache and Flair

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Some of us are lucky – we get paid to surf the ‘net looking at flowers! And I am one of those people! Woot!

Consequently, in the gruelling course of my day I come across lots of tasty little floral titbits and what better way to start a grey Melbourne Tuesday than to share these little flower pleasures with the world.

Today’s theme, randomly generated, is getting publicity for yourself and your floristry business. What seems like a million years ago I wrote a couple of blogs about getting publicity for florists, and today I noticed a few examples of people doing it very well, so I thought I’d share…

mark pampling floral design

Floral design by Mark Pampling, photo by Iain Brockwell Photography

Here’s an interview I stumbled over (lawsuit pending) with established Australian floral designer Mark Pampling, where he discusses his floristry education, how he balances his multiple roles and offers some tips for florists starting out.

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Floragram florist adelaide


Then this morning I noticed a folsky article in Start Up Smart about how an Adelaide florist started her own business just using Facebook. The business seems pretty fresh but what I love about the article is how the florist Kate Klavins has found an angle to differentiate herself and is working this angle not just to drum up work but also publicity. Looking through her Facebook page I notice she has scored another article over here. Work it!

holly hipwell

Holly Hipwell – floral designer and publicity genius!

But surely the princess of media friendliness in the floral scene is Sydney’s Holly Hipwell. She is clearly awesome, and very popular amongst flower lovers and her publicity efforts would have to at least partially responsible, right? A quick Google of her name reveals multiple articles about her all over the shop. Clearly she knows what she is doing – maybe we should get Holly “on our show” to give us all some tips? (Up forit Holly? say howdy).

No excuses! Get out there and shine flower people!

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Up next this week, lots of lovely cut flower photos from our warehouses plus an interview with Francoise Weeks.

Photos: I, Seamus Anthony, hereby admit that I lifted the pics on this page in the interests of publicising other people’s awesomeness. If you would like me to credit a photographer, florist or the back of someone’s head then just let me know and I will do so. Same goes for deleting photos. I keep my Electric Photo Deletion Gamma Ray Gun warm by my side at all times for just such occasions…

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