Florists Speak: Valentine’s Day 2012

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I did a quick ring around “the day after” to see how Valentine’s Day 2012 went for everyone. The general consensus is that the day was well up on recent years:

Jennifer from Floral Fusion in Ballina,NSW – said that they had a big day of course and she reckons “it is always bigger when it’s on a work day, as it’s a social thing, people see each other at work buying flowers and it jogs them to do the same”. She said that most of the customers on the day were men, more so than usual and “the shop was busy – not with blow-ins but with my regular customers – all of them on the one day!”

Angela in The Lone Hydrangea (one of my favourite florist names ever) Melbourne ‘s Kooyong said it was definitely busier than the last two years. “People are spending again” and she was still dealing with it all at 3:30pm the next day!

Jaye from Embellish Flowers in Adelaide said that Valentine’s Day 2012 was “double the size – we were flat out of flowers by Monday night, so we had to get more flowers in by Tuesday morning. Which was a disaster – cos we had to make thousands of orders! We had to prep them all up – but that was a good thing! It was a good day!”

Liz from Sculpted Leaf in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland said: “I gotta say it was a much better year than last year – sales were up, big time! People were spending a lot more money per customer – $100 instead of $50. And we had a LOT of anonymous Valentine’s purchases and people ringing up the shop begging us to tell them who sent them the flowers but of course we have to keep it all confidential!”

Liz and her team also ran a competition using Facebook and a Youtube video – which looks great and amazingly cost them nothing, using only an iphone!

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Despite being thrown together at the last minute, Liz said they got about 40 new Facebook likes out of it and more importantly, 30 orders, which if you consider the small amount of views of the video is a pretty good conversion rate.

They promoted the competition via their Facebook page and also by telling people about it face-to-face in the shop. Check it out:

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There was also a fairly fun conversation on OUR Facebook page about Valentine’s Day today. Seems people had a profitable time of it despite the odd abusive customer, scheming girlfriend and courier car accident – go check it out!
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