Florists Speak: What’s New this Wedding Season

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Well it feels like spring has sprung already this last week (at least here in Melbourne) and along with extra sunshine and smiles all around we have also begun to hear the “W” word more and more! September’s nearly here and it’s action stations yet again as the wedding season kicks off.

What’s New this Wedding Season

But what are the brides asking for this year? And are they spending again? Or has the recent financial turmoil seen them clutching their purse strings tighter than ever? I spoke to some florists from around Australia to see what’s what:

Wedding Flower Trends 2011

Rebecca, Blooms of Noosa, Noosa

“Just the simple beauty of posies … lovely, romantic … it’s a hit!

“Basically brides know what they want but at the same they are hoping for us to create something wonderful for them. They come in with a whole folder of magazines pictures, but they say I am not sure what’s in season so can we guide them.

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“The amount of weddings in Noosa is huge! About 20 per weekend, and 4 out of 10 are from out-of-town. Melbourne, Sydney, trying to escape the bad weather!

“The more product that is available – the more we can push it towards weddings. We really need a David Austin grown all year round. It’s so popular we could pump it – there’s massive demand for it – that and anything white.

“Super bright colours are the fashion this year but also there will always be the traditional white.

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Amy Quinn, Amy Quinn Floral and Events, Central Coast, NSW

“I still have a lot of people interested in roses – not a new trend, mostly traditional.”

Kate, Kate Dawes Flower Design, Brisbane

“Requests vary a lot and that’s what I find so intriguing about the whole process – if you can switch from one style to another you can service a lot of people, whereas if you stay with one particular style, then that’s all you end up ever doing.

“It’s actually quite nice to be challenged by something that’s not what you would normally do. I get bored easily!”

Liz, A Sculpted Leaf, Maroochydore, QLD

“They are going for the very garden pinks especially with the bridal bouquets rather than too structured, which I think have been advertised quite a lot in the magazines so a lot of that’s coming through. And then when it comes to the table centres its lots of different vintage vases with lots of groovy little pretty flowers, they’re not your normal flowers so we’re able to use your flannel flowers, the pieris, hellebores, really open roses and freesias – beautiful!

“Last year was more berries and succulents and lots of tropical leaves and table centres one vase all roses, another vase all lilacs, another vase lisianthus – whereas this year it’s a lot wilder, so we have more freedom with the flowers, it’s more seasonal that real spring flower element is coming through – it’s quite fun.

“Magazines lead the charge but it is also people are more educated that we do have lots of different flowers coming through so your more traditional flowers that we haven’t seen for a while are coming through as well, things like lavender and flannel flower has made more of an impact – Geraldton wax even rather than things like hyacinth.

“Bridesmaid’s flowers are tending to be a lot different from the bride’s flowers, so that it specifically matched the dresses they are wearing. And the dresses are somewhat different this year, lots more frills and florals on the dresses which is having an impact on the flowers.

“Lots of different shapes and styles – we’re seeing pew balls coming back, and people really want to experiment with lots of different shaped vases, and different colours. You don’t have to stick to what everybody else does – and that’s why people come to us – for something groovy and different.”

Cathy from Ivy Florist, Cairns

“Generally I think it is all floating along the same. The brides come with their own ideas from the magazines.

“There are implications for us in the tropics, for example this weekend I have a wedding which is sweet peas and ranunculus – and here we are in the tropics! I try hard to sell the idea of nice hardy flowers – orchids are ideal up here.”

Jennifer, Flowers By Jennifer, Dubbo, NSW

“Roses are always the standard classic, orchids are popular – fairly traditional in Dubbo.”

Sarah, Sinikka Floral Design, Geelong, VIC

Succulents are popular but it’s a bit hit and miss, constantly being asked about flowers in Mason jars, with bouquets it’s been the wild garden posy look with brow string, I don’t get asked about ribbons much anymore, they don’t like it wrapped up. Australian natives – a lot of request for proteas and Geraldton wax.

People going instead of magazines – it’s like catnip for brides. It’s definitely a trend for how brides are getting inspirations.

Anja, Flowers of the World, Brisbane

“It’s all the little vases, the whole table covered with little vases.”

“What I tell my customers is that flowers are what bring you into the now – when you give the bride the flowers that’s when you realize that this is the moment and that’s what gives the bride the spark in her eyes.

“What I also tell brides – it’s an expression of your personality. If you have pink roses with baby’s breath, well that’s alright for an 18 year old who doesn’t have a clue what’s ahead of her yet but if you have mature tulips and the bride is far more mature and has got a lot more personal development and knows what’s ahead of her.

“The flowers you choose are a reflection of who you are and how you want to present yourself to the groom.”

Erin from Seeds and Blooms, Wangaratta, VIC

“Trends at the moment are lending to the fresh pink garden look with peonies and David Austins, and all the soft colours.”

Are Brides Spending This Year?

Sarah, Sinikka Floral Design, Geelong, VIC

“There is a bit of tightness; people trying to do receptions on their own without an event co-coordinator – which sometimes they pull of and sometimes they regret!”

Amy Quinn, Amy Quinn Floral and Events, Central Coast, NSW

“People are not spending more – probably average – the same or less and they always have a budget and have to watch what they spend.”

Liz, A Sculpted Leaf, Maroochydore, QLD

“Spend is the same as last year, it is averaging out – some are very budget conscious some aren’t – but that happens every year. On the sunshine coast it is destination weddings, people coming from Sydney and Melbourne to get married – a slight drop but nothing too major. And everybody is leaving it to the last minute!”

Anja, Flowers of the World, Brisbane

“I don’t think people are spending less, but I think that our industry really needs to educate the public about the importance of flowers. I tell them “Flowers are the biggest joy in life. Having flowers in your life – that’s living!”

Jennifer, Flowers by Jennifer, Dubbo, NSW

“People are tightening their belts, although you always have exceptions – like we have had today!”

Rebecca, Blooms of Noosa, Noosa

“Not seeing big money this year – not since 2008, everyone wanted to get married in ’08. The biggest this year for me is about $4000 average is, with bouquets, buttonholes, corsages and reception, about $1500 – $2500. Brides are very open to what we can create and are being very obliging in that way, haven’t come across any true Godzillas – all very cool and breezy here in Noosa!”

Kate, Kate Dawes Flower Design, Brisbane

“I’ve got some quite big weddings and some set a budget and stick to it – but then you’ll get some who spend thousands, so it’s quite a range.”

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