Flower arrangements date back to the ancient days of Egypt. We know that they were skilled in quite sophisticated flower arrangements due to their fondness for carving pretty pictures into stone – and while modern society may not be quite so taken with rock carving these days, the pretty flower pictures are in abundance, not least in order to show off one’s flower arranging skills!

Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements by Rosella Floral Designs, Sydney

By flower arrangements, one usually thinks of flowers in the vase, or table flowers but of course the term loosely describes many types of floristry including “hand-ties”, posies, bouquets etc. And one thing to think about is that if you wish to learn how to make your own beautiful floral creations you will need to buy cut flowers wholesale.

The Basics of Flower Arrangements

Becoming skilled in the art of flower arranging is not something that can come from just one website page but here are some fundamentals that can get you started.

Firstly you need to learn the basic principles of design. These principles are universal, in that they apply to more than just florists, so it’s a great thing to learn anyway if you are a visually creative soul!

Flower arrangements by Poppies Flowers

Flower arrangements by Poppies Flowers of Adelaide

After the principles come the “elements” of floral design including line, form, space, texture and colour. Then you must consider what types of flowers and foliage, what style of work you want to create and what end result you are after – natural and loose, elegant and formal? The options go on..

Flower Arrangements: A Gallery

Every year we are lucky enough to wade through many beautiful examples of Australian florists’ handiwork as we run our wedding flowers competition. This leaves us with a vast array of flower arrangements which we have the pleasure of re-using throughout our websites and social media pages to promote the floral artisans who inspire us so much. Enjoy the following gallery!

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