Flower Beards – What’s With That?

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Check out these flower beards photos by Julia-rose using Tesselaar Flowers, featuring beard by Tommy Franklin of Australia’s Got Talent fame (think “Salty Rain”).

Flower beards are apparently a thing right now. I just checked out Google Trends and search volume for the trend has gone from non-existent to “a thing” just now in July.

I am going to be honest and say that, as a mildly bearded man – I find this flower beard trend ludicrous, but then again, I thoroughly approve of all things ludicrous so what the heck – bring on the flower beards! Seriously, I can see this trend really lasting a long time!

Now, the thing is, my opinion is but one in a giant sea of opinions, meany of them way more qualified to comment on the pros and cons of the weird and wacky flower beards trend, like Julia rose for example, who has just now sent me some fun, colourful couple of pics of her latest creation which is, you guessed it, all flower beardy-goodness!

Flower beards

Flower beards – what’s with that?

Says Julia rose:

It is made with all Tesselaar flowers 🙂

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This guy is Tommy Franklin aka “salty rain”

Watch this little youtube clip and you will see who he is 🙂 its 8mins long you gotta watch it all not skip in….he is the smiley dancer man. he is doing a big “smile” campaign around oz at the moment.”

I’ve Just Changed My Mind – Flower Beards Are OK With Me

Actually, after watching that, I have to say that is very sweet and I think Tommy Franklin is alright, he’s my kinda all-dancin’, all-smilin’ flower bearded guy! Well worth watching through (all news to me, I don’t watch commercial TV).

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But anyway – back to the flower beards! Enjoy the pics by Carly Tia photography!

flower beard Tommy Franklin

Flower beard-goodness featuring the awesome Tommy Franklin (Australia’s Got Talent)

tommy with flowers beards

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