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9 Fabulous Flower Crowns Fit for a Queen

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flower crowns

Hands up, who loves a flower crown? Brides, yes. Flower girls, absolutely. DIYer’s, sure, it’s fun to make one. What about florists, do florists love flower crowns? Well, the answer from me is mostly yes because they are beautiful, but honestly I have been known to throw one across the room in frustration mid-creation. Depending on the design, they can be time consuming to make flower crowns and my hands just ache from all the wiring and detailed work.

That’s not to say that when I have finally finished one I can’t help but put it on my head to try for size and swoosh around with a big smile on my face. I also loved making them for all the little girls (and boys) at my daughters first birthday party, their faces were just adorable adorned with flowers. If you are wanting to give it a go, follow my step-by-step guide to making a simple large full crown. Meanwhile, get inspired with these 9 fabulous flower crowns, fit for a queen…

For flower crowns for special occasions, such as your wedding day, engagement, hens day or milestone birthday, my best advice is leave it to the experts and save yourself time. A lot of love goes into making them and the results from professionally made ones can be stunning.

flower crowns

Flower Crowns | Floral Design by Mindy Rice | Photography by Jose Villa Photography

Full Flower Crowns

So the design most people know is the full round halo. These are large with focal and filler blooms plus foliage and accents to frame. They can end up being quite heavy to wear but just like high heels, for a fashion statement piece they are worth it. These make brides look breathtakingly gorgeous.

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full flower crown

Full Flower Crowns | Floral Design by Ooh La La Designs {floral & style studio} | Photography by Katie Nicolle Photography

Traditionally full circle flower crowns for flower girls were known as circlets. They are the same design as above, just with all little blooms and sweet accents used in the design.

hair circlet

Hair Circlet | Floral Design by Select Event Group | Photography by Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography

Asymmetrical Flower Crowns

A more modern take on a flower crown is an asymmetrical design, which by definition is where one side is not the same as the other. It often works though, as one side becomes the statement focal point with large blooms in this example by Gage Hotel of peonies and roses. The other side uses foliage and smaller blooms to compliment.

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bridal crown

Bride Asymmetrical Floral Crown | Floral Design by Gage Hotel | Photography by Jessica Scott Photography

Again this design can translate to a younger flower girl, just by using smaller blooms. The pretty accent on the flower girls dress balances out the overall outfit here too.

flower girl

Asymmetrical Flower Girl Design | Floral Design by Sharla Flock Designs | Photography by Lori Paladino Photography

I adore this asymmetrical wrap style flower crown where it is joined if you look closely by wire the same colour as the bride’s hair so it blends in. This gives the illusion that the crown is wrapping around the wearers head. I love the choice of colours, blooms, foliage and textures in this design by Sunyas Flowers.

wrap design

Wrap Design | Floral Design by Sunyas Flowers | Photography by Wendy Laurel

Flower Headbands

There are also flower crowns half the size called flower headbands. Instead of a full circle they are simply a floral half circle. They can be worn in front like a traditional headband, secured with bobby pins or ribbon to tie at the back.

flower headbands

Flower Headbands | Floral Design by Floral Accents By Diana | Photography by Brett Heidebrecht Photography

Or they can be worn at the back of the head as a embellishment to the bridal veil. This headband by by Floral Accents By Diana is made using spray roses, stock florets and wax flower to accent.

flower veil

Veil Flower Accent | Floral Design by Floral Accents By Diana | Photography by Brett Heidebrecht Photography

Often flower crowns are thought to be worn at the front of the head, but depending on your hairstyle, veil etc, the feature flowers can sit towards the back and look just lovely. This design by La Tee Da Flowers of pale pink astilbe and roses is so pretty.

backwards headband

Backwards Headband | Floral Design by La Tee Da Flowers | Photography by Krystle Akin

Bohemian Flower Crowns

Flower crowns that break all the rules are bohemian flower crowns. They are wild and carefree. Studio Flora Diva uses hanging amaranthus to cascade down amoungst the brides long locks.

bohemian style

Bohemian Style | Floral Design by Studio Flora Diva | Photography by Michelle Lyerly

This design by Anna Le Pley Taylor would be fantastic and fun for a relaxed beach wedding, I can see the bride walking onto the beach barefoot with this spikey cute design.

unique crown

Unique Style | Floral Design by Anna Le Pley Taylor | Photography by Kurt Boomer

Foliage Crowns

Foliage, particularly blue gum is so popular at the moment. A lot of blue gum has larger leaves, but sometimes if you can find the smaller leaves, these would be perfect for a relaxed crown of foliage. You could either have all green foliage and nuts/berries or scatter some flowers perhaps in a bright colour throughout.

foliage crown

Foliage Crown | Floral Design by Alicia Jayne Florals | Photography by Sally Pinera

Asparagus fern is a great choice for a crown as it is small and delicate, although it does have some little thorns so be careful when working with it! The thorns are usually along the stem line so don’t worry they would be all cut off and not used in the crown itself.

fern crown

Fern Crown | Floral Design by Wildflowers Inc | Photography by Vitor Lindo Photo + Video

Delicate Designs

If you love the look but are unsure if you want to wear soemthing so full and big yourself, why not choose just a very simple and delicate thin crown of leaves and berries. This gives a very elegant and understated look.

delicate designs

Delicate Design | Event Design by Matthew Robbins | Photography by Heather Waraksa

You could also keep the design really delicate with mainly foliage and just have a few blooms in the middle or to one side as a feature. These crowns by Birdie Blooms are great as they are finished with ribbon so they can be tied to fit the wearer.

simple circlets

Simple Circlets | Floral Design by Birdie Blooms | Photography by Brett Heidebrecht Photography

Ribbon Crowns

If you are not a fan of foliage, ribbon makes a good alternate base for a flower crown. As mentioned before ribbon can be tied to fit the wearer and feature blooms can then stand out proudly.

ribbon crown

Ribbon Flower Crown | Floral Design by Floralia | Photography by Matthew Ree Photography

A sweet little cluster of flowers tied with ribbon, can then be tied around the flower girl as a cute accent. All these examples use a perfect hairstyle to match the flower crown.

flower ribbon

Flower Ribbon | Floral Design by Fleurish Flower Shop | Photography by Justine Milton

Rope Crown

Rope or wire covered in rope can also be used as a great base and rather than covering it up, let it stand out as part of the deisgn and then just have a cluster of flowers to one side of the crown.

rope crown

Rope Crown | Floral Design by Sweet Annie Floral Design | Photography by Ruth Eileen Photography

Or both sides if you prefer the more balanced, symmetrical look.

symmetrical crown

Symmetrical Crown | Floral Design by Passion Roots | Photography by Aria Studios

Unique Designs

Here, blooms and leaves by Le Fleuriste Du Coin have been weaved throughout natural rope that blends in with the hair style and the blooms dance around in a halo and cascade beautifully down one side.

unique design

Unique Designs | Floral Design by Le Fleuriste Du Coin | Photography by Les Productions de La Fabrik

Finally, this floral crown by Stemm Floral would have to be my favourite of all the inspirational crowns. I adore tone on tone, one colour in all different hues in this case purple hydrangea, lilac rose and lavendar.

pastel design

Pretty Pastel Design | Floral Design by Stemm Floral | Photography by Julie Paisley Photography

Which is your favourite floral crown design? Would you wear one to a special event? I might just have to make myself one for my next big birthday.

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Kyla Helgeson is one Australia's top wedding florists operating as The White Orchid Floral Design. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Kyla has studied in New York and is a former finalist in Tesselaars floristry competition. In 2015 Kyla joined the Tesselaars marketing team as our floral content advisor and has since authored over 50 popular floral style blogs.

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  1. Foliage crowns and rope crowns are the all time favorites. You’d sight these at most of the weddings. The beauty and elegance that these flower crowns bring to the flower girls is what makes having them on so much more better. We can help design your perfect flower-filled wedding for you if that’s what you’re into.

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