Flower Delivery – and how we charge freight

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Here at Tesselaar Flowers, we price flowers delivered. Except for very small orders where an extra delivery fee may be incurred, prices quoted are either for ‘pick up’ at our warehouse or delivered to your account address.

Many suppliers ‘add freight’ as a line on the invoice because they do not know what the cost of the freight will be until the order is packed and they know the volume of the order.

We, through our sophisticated IT system, know very accurately at the time of order the exact cost of shipping a bunch of each type of flower to every destination. These costs vary very significantly for different flower types due to differences in weight/volume. For example units in a container: a bunch of iris – 20, gladioli – 6, sweet pea – 15, oriental – 7, poppies – 20, roses – 6-20, foliages – 3-15.

flower delivery

flower delivery & freight charges explained

As can be seen from these examples just averaging out the cost of freight over the number of bunches can give very misleading costs when costing flowers into an arrangement.

We take the guesswork out of this process by calculating freight on the fly, adding this actual cost to the ‘pick up’ price and quoting the price as a delivered in store price. We do not add any margin to the cost of freight so the price you pay for the flowers is exactly the same as if you collected it from our warehouse.

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Because we are able to calculate both the freight cost and the volume on the fly, we are also able to tell you, as you order, when a bucket is full and how many buckets your order is. This helps ensure efficient freight costs for everybody.

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