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We can deliver flowers, in top condition, to most of Australia

There are many flower delivery companies in Australia, but Tesselaar Flowers delivery has one major difference: we are the only company that can offer high quality, wholesale flower deliveries to almost all of Australia, including regional areas.

To be clear, we aren't a florist (but these people are) and don't make or deliver arrangements like wedding bouquets. What we DO do is sell the biggest range of high quality bulk cut flowers in Australia. Orders start from as low as $100, we deliver to businesses and the public, and we deliver most flowers in water to ensure longer lasting blooms.

Our flowers are delivered to most corners of Australia from our three warehouses in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. You might think that such long distances are bad for flower quality, but we have developed the best cool-chain in the land. "Cool chain" is just flower-jargon for best flower-handling practises, which includes but is not limited to, keeping the flowers cold and sheltered from the elements so that they last longer.

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Postcode delivery checker - top of category pages.

You can use our postcode delivery check to see if we deliver to your area. The tool is located along to the top of our online shop where you can order flowers online.

You are also welcome to call or email our sales team at our warehouses. Their contact details are here.

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Freight Costs

How Tesselaars deals with freight costs on wholesale flower delivery.

Unique in the flower industry, Tesselaars prices the cost of delivery into the price of flowers unless otherwise stated.

wholesale flower delivery trucks

Our software calculates the actual cost of delivering wholesale flowers to the your specific premises.

Competitive Delivery Prices

Tesselaars have negotiated delivery rates for pallets, buckets and boxes from our warehouse locations to our customer’s premises, the rates are very competitive due to the substantial volumes Tesselaars delivers.

Custom Tailored Delivery Rates

Tesselaars have also developed software that understands how much of a box/bucket/pallet a bunch a specific flower type occupies. Using this information our software system can calculate the actual cost of delivering a bunch of each type of flower to the customer’s premises and this cost is incorporated in the delivered cost quoted.

No Margin On Freight

Tesselaars charge all freight out at cost without any margin, box costs are incorporated in this cost if delivery is boxed but returnable ‘procona’ buckets are invoiced separately.

Wholesale Flower Delivery

wholesale flower delivery buckets ready to go

Tesselaars built this system to assist florists in understanding the real cost of each type of flower as it arrives at their premises. Flower types have very different delivery costs due to the highly variable size and weight of each flower type so having a ‘freight’ charge and box charge at the end of each invoice makes it virtually impossible for the florist to accurately cost the real delivered cost of any individual flower type to their shop, which is an important factor in calculating an appropriate retail price.

Flowers collected from our premises or purchased in our markets do not have any freight or carton costs.

Our Flowers Last Longer

Always at the forefront of technological progress, Tesselaar Flowers use special Procona buckets for long distance travel to ensure flowers remain fresh for the duration of delivery.

Used in most daily wholesale flower deliveries, Procona buckets keep orders hydrated in fresh water and safe from damage for the duration of the journey. This means you receive better quality, post-harvest-treated, longer-lasting flowers. Procona buckets also save you time, removing the need to unwrap and replace wet paper, and all purchases are guaranteed, eliminating the risk of faulty delivery.

How we ensure the freshest flower deliveries


Flowers life is increased by lower temperatures and keeping flowers in water. Our delivery systems use water (in most cases) and this has a very significant impact on the life of flowers.



Modern flowers travel better and last longer. This should mean that customers enjoy flowers that last longer but what often happens is some wholesalers just sell them when the flowers are only going to last another two or three days.

We don't do that!


Cold Chain Integrity

The better the flowers are treated along the way from the ground to you, the better the flower will be when you get it. We are experts in cold-chain best practises: transport and storage, handling, temperature, hygiene, disease & fungal management, nutrients, water.


Where To From Here?

You can order flowers from us online, by phone, email or even drop into one of our flower markets.

The first thing you need to do is to check the postcode delivery availability function at the top of this page, then assuming we can deliver to your area, visit this page and register to buy flowers. 

From there you may choose to order wholly online via our ecommerce store or you may wish to liaise with our friendly sales staff.

We look forward to helping you with a fresh, colourful flowers delivery soon!

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