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Flower Fashion: How Beautiful Blooms Inspire Couture

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This week our Floral style blogger, Kyla Helgeson, looks at the world of fashion and talks about how beautiful blooms inspire couture.

If you were to sneak a peek inside my closest you would find quite a few pieces of clothing with floral prints or embroidered flowers. Whenever I go clothes shopping I seem to always gravitate to all things pretty and floral. This season I am seeing the fashion world again be inspired by mother nature’s beauty with lots of floral bomber jackets popping up as the seasons hottest look. By the time winter comes I would have no doubt added another floral item to my collection with one of these.

It does show how flowers follow, compliment and inspire fashion and vice versa. We see runways filled with fresh flowers for fashion shows, who can forget Christian Dior’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Couture show with the walls of entire rooms lined with fresh flowers. Or the beautiful runway below decorated with wild flowers by Adelaide florist Flowers By Alice.  Let’s look at some of the other standout flower fashion moments from around the world.

flower fashion

Flower Fashion Runway | Flowers by Flowers By Alice

Flowers On Trend

I always laugh at the line from one of my favourite movies, The Devil Wears Prada where Meryll Streep’s character Miranda Priestly says: ‘Florals? For spring? ground breaking.’ True, using flowers in a spring/summer collection is not a unique idea but you just have to look through, for example, Dolce and Gabbana’s past collections to see how they keep reinventing the floral look and keep it fresh and appealing.

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One year they chose large blooms of rose and dahlia and used them in deep red tones to create this gorgeous fashion moment with feminine blouse, cute skirt and matching shoes. They created a complete collection in this style.

rose fashion

Dolce and Gabbana Rose‬ Pre-Fall 2015 Collection | Image via Pinterest

Flower Embroidery

Even the woman who inspired the movie The Devil Wears Prada, Anna Wintour can be seen at the Stella McCartney 2016 show at Paris Fashion Week wearing a gorgeous floral embroidered coat. Floral embroidery is everywhere from dresses, belts, bags, to knitwear and denim.

flower coat

Anna Wintour Floral Embroidered Coat | Image via Pinterest

While I’m sure the jacket that Anna Wintour wore would have cost a pretty penny, as with all trends they filter down to all fashion houses, even the ones in the more affordable range like the example below by Zara.

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floral jacket

Zara Floral Bomber Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Flower Fabrics

The love of flower fabrics can be seen from centuries ago and are often used in a wide variety of cultures from bright Indian saris with floral pattern and colour to Japanese Kimonos. My sister bought me a divine kimono with pink and purple peonies from her recent travels.

floral saris

Bright Floral Saris | Image via Pinterest

Floral Wedding Dresses

While my simple wedding dress did have a pretty embroidered pattern of flowers and leaves, this couture gown by Claire Pettibone takes it to a whole new level. It is just the most divine example of the fusion between flowers and fashion, I just love the detailing and design.

floral wedding dress

Floral Wedding Dress | Couture by Claire Pettibone | Image via Pinterest

Or if you want to go all out for your big day, why not just have a wedding dress made of fresh flowers? I think the entrance via horse completes the whole romantic fairytale look, don’t you?

wedding flower dress

Wedding Flower Dress | Image via Pinterest

Flowers as Fashion

Flowers themselves have been used to create wearable pieces of art and have created some stunning images from fashion photoshoots. English photographer Kirsty Mitchell used around 1,000 freshly cut flowers to create a colorful trail in her titiled image “The Last Dance Of The Flowers” from her fairytale photo series “Wonderland”. The amount of work that would have gone into a photoshoot like this would have been just incredible!

fairytale flowers

Fairytale Flower Fashion | Image by Kirsty Mitchell via Pinterest

Florals for Runway Models

Fresh, dried or pressed flowers have often been used to adorn the models themselves and add extra interest to the couture on display. This can seen with models wearing flowers in their hair or flower crowns. A more unique idea was seen on the spring runways of New York and London fashion week last year, when models faces were decorated with pressed flowers to create a ‘woodland fairy’ effect.

face flowers

Face Flowers | Image via Imaxtree

From head to toe, fashion models can even be seen with fresh flowers in some unexpected and unusual places, flower boots anyone? It would certainly create interest and a talking point for the audience.

flower boots

Model with Flower Boots | Image via Pinterest

Of course there are so many other examples of flowers in fashion, we haven’t even touched on floral accessories, hats, bags and shoes to name a few (and yes, I some some of these in my wardrobe also). Do you love flower fashion? What pieces are hanging in your closet?

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